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Free GTA 5 crashes the Epic Games Store, Epic comments on the situation




As the leak indicated, Grand Theft Auto V is the PC game that can be downloaded and stored for free on the Epic Games Store starting today. Finally, if Epic manages to restore access to its service.

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Grand Theft Auto V Despite having sold more than 120 million copies, and having become one of the best-selling games of all time, since its release in 2013, it still interests a large number of people who have not already had it.

Indeed, it only took a few minutes for the massive influx of people trying to connect theEpic Games Store

to download the free copy of GTA 5 crash the Epic Games service. At the time these lines are written, the store is inaccessible and the editor split a tweet to explain the situation:

We are currently experiencing high traffic on the Epic Games Store.

We are aware that users are currently experiencing slow loading times, 500 errors or launcher crashes and we are actively working on increasing the server capacity. We will keep you posted on developments as soon as we can.

note that in addition to giving access to the hit of Rockstar Games, downloading GTA V from the Epic Games Store allows (in North America at least) to get a voucher of 10 dollars to use on this same Epic Games Store.

Even if Grand Theft Auto V continues to sell worldwide, taking part in this operation is a way for Rockstar to attract new players to GTA Online, with the consequences on the microtransactions it implies (without forgetting the financial compensation that he certainly received from Epic Games).


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