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Free Interkosmos on Steam for a limited time



Free Interkosmos on Steam for a limited time


Interkosmos is an action and adventure video game, developed and distributed by Ovid Works where you can become a true astronaut leading a spaceship inspired by the 70s, this is completely interactive, so you will have to take care of each of the switches , settings and mechanical bit to be able survive in space. Interkosmos has been created with the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, and is dedicated only for virtual reality.

This title on Steam is normally achieved for a price of $ 2

, but right now the developers have put in a 100% discount, that is, totally free. So if you want to get into this space adventure being an astronaut with space ship knowledge, this is the perfect time for you to get the game. Next, we leave the trailer so you can see all the details of this delivery.

Interkosmos gameplay trailer

Do not forget that Interkosmos will be free only for a limited time so do not wait any longer and go find it in the official steam page.


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