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Fury Unleashed Trailer: Comic-style rogue-lite is out




Trailer Fury Unleashed: comic-style rogue-lite is out

First known as "The Badass Hero", Fury Unleashed left its Steam early access last week, landing on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at the same time.
Awesome Games Studio is here for rogue-lite lovers with fast-paced gameplay.

Fury Unleashed is presented as the combination of modern rogue-lite platform games, such as Dead Cells and Rogue Legacy, and "nostalgic memories of old platform games" like Contra and Metal Slug.

Playable alone or in two in local coop, the title offers to explore the pages of a comic book coming to life in order to help its creator, out of creativity. The opportunity to face a plethora of enemies and a total of 40 bosses in worlds created with a mixture of hand-designed levels and procedural creation. The gameplay is based on a combo system, asking to kill enemies quickly to obtain damage resistance and healing. Several objects, personalization elements and permanent improvements are of course to be unlocked to help you in your progress through the games, knowing that death brings you back to square one.

Fury Unleashed is available for around twenty euros on the PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One and Switch digital stores. A demo is also available for free download.

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