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G2 Esports takes title of Vitality Open tournament



G2 Esports takes title of Vitality Open tournament

The Mixwell team at G2 Esports won a new title on VALORANT with the EU Open cup from Vitality, winning 10,000 euros in cash prize money out of the 15,000 euros involved.

G2 Esports is already at the top of the European scene VALORANT, while the team was formed in mid-June. The Vitality tournament stood out from the others in that it did not issue any invitations.

All those participating therefore won their place via a qualification tournament, which promotes competitiveness compared to other tournaments that have invited influencers for more audience and spectacle.

There is only one French player who qualified in this tournament, mainly composed of Swedish and Turkish teams: Damien “HyP” Souville, the former professional player in the Overwatch League, who qualified with a Ninjas in Pajamas / Prodigy team mix. His team arrived first in their group, but then lost in the small final against the big winners with the score 2-0.

Nevertheless, she was able to return to the tournament by going up the loser bracket with her victory against the Swedes of FABRIKEN and lost a second time against G2 Esports, with the score of 3-1 this time. G2 Esports, for its part, conceded only two points to its opponents during the tournament with its star player Mixwell. The final can be watch a replay here (in English).

The next European Ignition Series tournament, the series of competitions officially supported by Riot Games, will kick off on July 15: WePlay! Invitational. He will put 50,000 euros in cash prize money into play and will oppose six invited teams, including G2 Esports and Ninjas in Pajamas, including HyP, two teams that will have passed the qualification tournaments.

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