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Galaxy Note 20: How the selfie camera becomes a status indicator




Samsung registered patent

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Is the status LED in Note 20 making a comeback? The new patent points to an improved hole-punch camera with an integrated status information display area.

This is what the display area of ​​the selfie camera should look like.

This is what the display area of ​​the selfie camera should look like. [Source: Lets Go Digital]

Since the Galaxy S10, Samsung has placed many models of front-facing cameras in so-called hole punches on the display. This technology allows the display to be installed without wide edges. Samsung has installed a halo around the cameras of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20. Among other functions, it also informs you about the activation of the front camera. However, many fans hope it can also be used as a status LED. This wish can now be fulfilled in the 20th grade.

Patent display status display

Samsung ’s new patents have appeared on the web, with a total of five, they show the integration of the status area around the front camera in the display. We are not talking about regular notifications that appear in the form of flashes, but are displayed in a larger display area, which should display more complex information, like the Lets Go Digital report.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: These pictures are circulating on the Internet

Picture 1/6

Do we see the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in the middle?
[Source: Sammobile]

As shown in the figure above, the boundary of the area should be different according to the design of the hole punch. They can be square or elongated. The circular status indicator may include a longer selfie camera. But everyone has the same goal: they should provide you with quick access to information. These patents were filed in October 2019 and are now public.

Show download or camera functions

These patents describe two possible use scenarios. For example, the download progress will be displayed visually, and you do not have to pay attention to the flashing Android icon. Instead, the status display will slowly “fill up”, and when the download is complete, the area around the selfie camera may flicker.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Manufacturers use pictures to stir rumors

Photography capabilities may also benefit. The display screen around the selfie camera should be able to display text, for example, to inform you about the progress of the video at intervals. Then, the time will be displayed below or next to the hole punch camera. The type of additional information displayed will also vary depending on the integration and design of the technology.

Galaxy Note 20 may get a new status indicator

If you want to make a decision based on the current rumors on the Internet, then we may not have to wait long to display the new status. It is suspected that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which will be launched in the summer of 2020, may have integrated this technology. However, there are also rumors on the Internet that Samsung is bidding farewell to Note 20's punch design.


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