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Galaxy S10: Now with new updates, you can answer calls on other devices



Samsung releases new firmware

Samsung now distributes new updates for models in the S10 series. With software updates, you should now be able to send and receive calls and messages through other devices. Also includes system stability improvements.

Answer phone calls and send messages-now on another device

 Answering calls and sending messages-now through another device 

The blog SamMobile reported that Samsung is distributing new updates for all models of the Galaxy S10 series. In addition to improving WiFi connection and camera stability, you can now send and receive calls and messages through other devices.

The basic version of Android is 10, and this setting has not been changed. The size of this update is approximately 380 MB and should be loaded via a WLAN connection. Now users in Germany and Switzerland can download the firmware, and more European countries will download in the next few weeks.

Samsung Galaxy: Android updates for smartphones and tablets at a glance

After the update, the “call and message through other devices” function is new. In this way, you can answer incoming calls on the phone on your Samsung tablet and answer messages through it. To use this feature, the tablet must be linked to the same Samsung account as the smartphone. Of course, mobile phones also need internet connection. You can find this feature under “Advanced features”> “Call/SMS on other devices” in your smartphone settings. Use the slider next to the function to activate the function.

Stability improvements and security patches

In addition to new features, the update also aims to improve the stability of WiFi connections, cameras and touch screens. Obviously there are some errors here. In addition, it also includes security patches since June, which should close certain vulnerabilities in the OS. Samsung classified two of the vulnerabilities as “serious” and the remaining 18 as “high.” We recommend always installing security updates to protect your smartphone in the best way.

Serious gaps can affect the operating system, and hackers can execute malicious code through files on smartphones or through remote access. This allows third parties to penetrate sensitive areas of the operating system or read your personal data.

Android: How to update

You will be notified of the availability of the update via notification, or you can follow our instructions here to manually install the Android update. Samsung usually releases updates in batches to avoid overloading the server.

Our Android update schedule provides you with a more detailed overview, which Samsung devices will receive the update and which Android versions are available for individual smartphones and tablets.

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