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Games that took character creation to another level




A great feature that RPG games usually have is the character editor. A tool given to the player to play the role of God and give the shape he wants. Some would think that it is the most underrated section of the genre, since, as you well know in this world there are two types of players: those who lengthen the creation process to infinity, exceeding the actual hours of play, and those who simply decide on sex, skin tone, hair color, a certain face and that's it. If you belong to the first group, you will surely have marveled at some creation tools that have been endowed to the most recent installments, being able to mold the character as if you were a sculptor or plastic surgeon. So we are going to review those games revolutionized the creation system:


FromSoftware have never been known for their character creation system. The games in the original Dark Souls saga were very limited in this regard. There were few hairstyles to choose from and the results were unappealing, you doubted if your character really looked like a human, although the lore of the game clearly tells you that you are not human. However, all these problems changed when Bloodborne arrived.

The game has so many sections to design that it would drive any creative player who has a lot of time to spend crazy. Bloodborne gives you the option to create true monstrous characters, replicas of eccentric villains like Joker or recreating cosplays of real or fictional people.

Monster Hunter: World

Maybe Monster Hunter: World don't have as many options when creating as other games. But without a doubt, he is one of the most beautiful creators who have been able to land in our hands. Just take a look at the av ailable hairstyles, the shape of the hair and its movement. Some very well done designs. We leave you a video that shows all the available options.

As we have said, the game does not offer a large amount of resources. But both male and female characters have access to a decent selection of facial features and other distinctive marks. In addition, it should be noted that what you believe in Monster Hunter World it will look exactly inside the game world. Surely you will have spent hours creating a beautiful character so that it does not look the same once you start your adventure, something very frustrating.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse / Xenoverse 2

These deliveries may be very limited compared to other games, both in terms of graphics and available options. But if it has a place in this post, it is for all those followers of the manganime that ever dreamed of creating your own Dragon Ball character.

The game limits creation to certain available templates. However, the player is completely free to select and combine them as they wish. With a little imagination you can create authentic majins, earthlings, saiyan, namekians and freeza.

Fallout 4

If this installment of Bethesda takes place here it is without hesitation for your face designer. If you wanted you could become like any celebrity. Since, Fallout 4 has a large number of makeup designs, thousands of blemishes, scars, hundreds of hairstyles and different forms of facial hair. Among the faces that some creators have come to find are Keanu Reeves, Norman Reedus and Eminem.

Black Desert Online

Without a doubt this was one of the most powerful editors on the market, even launching separately, and free, for a limited time to those who wanted to experiment with it. If you were surprised by what Fallout 4 is capable of to achieve famous faces, Black Desert Online will leave you with your mouth open. The game not only leaves you with a gigantic variety of tools to shape the faces of your characters, but it also gives you complete freedom to model their bodies like a plastic surgeon.

Further, its launch dates from 2015 And since then hundreds of creatives have been sharing tutorials for creating celebrities, characters from other games, or teaching newcomers to Black Desert Online how to make their character look more beautiful.

Dragon Age: Inquisition & Mass Effect

Another company that has stood out for having very complete character editors is Bioware. In Dragon Age: Inquisition we will have the option to choose race and based on it, the editor will allow us to manage at our whim all the features that we can think of in the face of our characters.

As with Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware gave him special affection in the editor of the Mass Effect saga. During the different deliveries we have been able to observe how these tools have evolved. But without hesitation, Mass Effect Andromeda stands out above the rest of the titles in the saga.

Saints Row IV

The fourth installment in the Saints Row saga is crowned the best in terms of character design. Although it is true that the graphics of the game are not the best of this generation, this game gives you hundreds of possibilities to create a character at your whim and later dress him as you want. Definitely it can be a lot of fun trying to create a very similar character some famous or a character from other titles and then being able to wreak havoc with him throughout the city.

Investing a large part of your leisure time in creating a charismatic character can be satisfying for the most perfectionist or creative. But let's be honest, most RPGs consist of covering you with the best armor you will find until you can only see your eyes through a crack in your clothes. Wearing the character in its maximum splendor would lead to taking more damage and dying hundreds of times more in sagas like Dark Souls. Finally, to end this post, it is worth noting a special mention to Cyberpunk 2077, which although there is little left, we have not seen much information about its character customization, but it will undoubtedly become great, as well as somewhat controversial for its already announced genital designer.


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