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GameStarVsCorona among top 500 of the 240,000 teams




GameStar can be proud of its community: In the fight against the corona virus with the help of Folding @ home, you fought your way to number 487 out of over 200,000 participants! GameStar can be proud of its community: In the fight against the corona virus with the help of Folding @ home, you fought your way to number 487 out of over 200,000 participants!

We can even prove it with numbers: you are insane! As part of the Folding @ home campaign, PC players are using their computing power to help research in the fight against Corona – and our community is at the forefront. The Team GameStarVsCorona (team number 239199

) is currently in 487th place out of a total of 239,762 participating groups – So among the best 0.2 percent.

Would you like more data?

  • In the last 50 days you have been with 5,987 CPUs contributed.
  • Overall, you already have over 250 million points achieved.
  • The Work Unit Count stands at 23,591.
  • The user Anonymus is currently in 1st place in the team – and 7th worldwide.

If you want to get an idea of ​​yourself: On the official F @ h website you will find regularly updated information about Team GameStar.

For clarification: The team was not founded by us, but was a pure community idea. In the comments below our messages about Folding @ home, users have repeatedly pointed out where and how you can join the campaign. That GameStar readers often have powerful computers is a huge advantage, of course.

What is Folding @ home?

The Folding @ home initiative already existed before the corona virus. It supports research into various diseases – At the moment, of course, the focus is on COVID-19, but breast cancer, Alzheimer's or Ebola are also being combated.

The principle works similar to cryptomining: You download a program that then calculates simulations using your CPU and graphics card.

Of course, some also ask whether the program affects computer performance – after all, many pass the time during the exit restrictions with games. We have checked how Folding @ home affects your PC. "data-sizes =" auto "data-src =" "data-img -format = "238" data-img-id = "2653057" class = "author lazyload" src = "

Comment from GameStar editor-in-chief Heiko Klinge

Everyone knows these moments in professional life when you ask yourself why and for whom you actually do it all. I would be lying if I said that it was different for me. But then I hear about a message like this, and my doubts are gone.

Such messages and a lot of community comments in the last few days (such as in our home office talk) are the reason why I am grateful to be able to do this job every morning.

And that applies even more in the current situation: Of course, we at GameStar also have restrictions in our professional and private lives. But honestly, they are a joke against what many others are going through. After all, we can work from home and do not have to worry about our job. After all, the game is still playing, according to the current Steam numbers, even more than before the pandemic broke out.

And that's exactly why I think your Folding @ home commitment is so great! Because you think not only of yourself, but of those who are not as well as we are. And it would be laughed if the GameStarVsCorona team couldn't make up a few more places. A huge thank you from me and from the entire editorial team!

Coronavirus information and protections

The Federal Health Administration offers a comprehensive FAQ on the subject of coronavirus, as well as daily news and instructions on protection against infection. You can also reach the independent patient advice service on the following telephone number: 0800 011 77 22


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