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GameStop temporarily closed store after instructing employees to ignore coronavirus lockout




The company announced today that GameStop will now temporarily close its retail locations in the United States and will adopt a delivery-only approach starting March 22.

Prior to this, company executives had made a decision to keep the store open even in the event of a complete shutdown, claiming it was an "essential retail" like grocery stores and pharmacies, both of which were exempt For forced shutdown.

Kotaku told store associates in a letter received from GameStop CEO George Sherman that the GameStop store is still open and will only offer "door-to-door delivery" services, with customizers at the store door Get their order curbside.

In addition, GameStop is introducing new compensation policy updates. Hourly paid employees who qualify for paid leave will receive an additional two weeks of salary, while those who do not qualify for PTO will receive a base salary of another two weeks, calculated based on their average weekly hours worked in the past 10 weeks Out.

The letter began: "I want to thank you for your hard work, as we will continue to adjust our business based on the rapidly developing coronavirus COVID-19." "The health and safety of you and each of our customers are paramount, and we have and will continue Take precautions consistent with the CDC guidelines. Whether you are restricted by store closures, reduced store hours, school closures or visits to loved ones, we all know that the epidemic is affecting you personally and professionally in different ways. We We will continue to adjust our operations based on future developments in any place, state, or federal state, and I hope you will continue to be cautious and safe during this unprecedented period.

"I know many of you have volunteered to work to support the millions of Americans who face unprecedented challenges as we adapt to the new normal. We believe that in this challenging period, we have and will continue to produce Positive effect.

"We will continue to closely monitor the latest news and guidelines for local, state, and federal, and comply with all state, county, and local laws. However, let me make it clear wherever you continue to operate if you feel uncomfortable We will not make you work. If this is the case, please coordinate with your supervisor. We respect everyone's personal circumstances and preferences, so your decision will not affect your position at the company. "

It wasn't until Thursday that GameStop notified its employees that the retail store will continue to operate.

The retailer said in a memo to employees: "Because the products we carry can enhance and enhance the customer's work experience at home, we consider GameStop to be listed as an essential retail product and therefore remain open during this period. "

"Despite our classification, we received reports that local authorities went to the store and attempted to close it. The store manager was approved to provide the following documents linking to law enforcement as needed."

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