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Genshin Impact is the biggest new IP release for Chinese developers



Genshin Impact is the biggest new IP release for Chinese developers

Genshin Impact ended another successful week.

Yuan Zhen shock Since its release two weeks ago, the action RPG from Chinese developer Mihoyo has so far exceeded 100 million in global revenue.

According to “Sensor Tower” (Sensor Tower) data, in the first week of its release, “Genshin Impact” ranked second among the highest paid games on iOS. According to App Annie, part of the reason is that over 23 million downloads on iOS and Android

in the same time period (17 million in four days).

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad (Daniel Ahmad) said that the main markets for free games are China, Japan, South Korea and the United States. This makes Genshin Impact the largest new IP release

by a Chinese developer in history. This is an important milestone for the Chinese game industry, because the Chinese game industry is rarely popular overseas.

Of course, this process is not without problems. Genshin Impact has caused some controversy over how to deal with microtransactions and free game elements. In addition to making a profit, the game also got into trouble by censoring a large number of words (including words from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries/regions) to comply with Chinese guidelines.

Learn about the latest guide on Genshin impact lift materials and how to cook ingredients. We also recently released a Q&A guide for the “Swan Quiz”.

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