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Ghost of Tsushima: gameplay and graphics: that's how good the PS4 cracker is




Yesterday evening developer Sucker Punch (Infamous) presented the PS4-exclusive samurai adventure Ghost of Tsushima in an 18-minute demo. We have summarized all information for you.

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As part of a state of play, Sony and developer Sucker Punch showed a nearly 19-minute gameplay demo of Ghost of Tsushima last night. It dealt with various aspects of action adventure, such as exploring the island and the combat system. We have collected all information for you.


The open island world of Tsushima is explored on foot or on horseback. The way to the next destination is indicated with a gust of wind, which you can activate at the push of a button. So you can be elegantly led to the next main or side mission. On the way you experience dynamic events, for example people are attacked by wild animals. You can intervene here as well as in places that are marked with smoke plumes. There, people ask you for help with various problems. Birds and foxes, on the other hand, point the way to secret places, such as an old shrine. You are free to accept these tasks or simply move on.


Protagonist Jin can fight in two different ways. As a samurai, he faces his opponents directly. So he challenges individual enemies to a duel in order to strike them down with just one katana blow. Jin can also take on multiple opponents at the same time. You counter these with quick sword attacks and changing fighting stances at any time. If the timing is right, you will also kill several enemies in a row with one sword stroke each. In addition, Jin can parry melee attacks and immediately follow a deadly counterattack. On the other hand, enemies further away are shot with a bow and arrow.

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On the other hand, as a ghost, you rely on secret attacks, distraction and fear. Jin can confuse or lure enemies with thrown stones or small fireworks. Stealth kills are possible from different positions: Jump down on an enemy or strike behind. You can even silently kill multiple enemies in quick succession. If Jin is about to be discovered by an opponent, he can clear it with small Kunai throwing knives at the last moment. Smoke bombs are another way to go unseen or to cover your own retreat. If you use all of this correctly, the opponents fear you: Then they will drop their gun in fear or simply run away.


Nothing new was revealed about the story. Furthermore, only so much is known: Ghost of Tsushima takes place in Japan in 1274. It is the time of the first Mongolian invasion. After an attack on Tsushima Island, Samurai Jin Sakai is the last survivor of his clan. In order to protect his homeland and its inhabitants, he goes into battle against the Mongols and their leader, the cruel General Khotun Khan. But in order to have a chance against superiority at all, he has to break with his traditions and morals.

The demo shown focused on side missions that are everywhere in the open game world. Jin can either attack a hostile Mongol camp head-on or sneak in. In addition to a primary goal, such as the release of hostages, there are also bonus tasks. For example, you should eliminate a certain number of enemies with a bow and arrow. Different ways allow a free procedure. Among other things, Jin can climb and overcome certain abysses with a grappling hook.


The gameplay demo looks absolutely stunning. The island of Tsushima offers great foresight and looks like one piece. You will cross blooming flower meadows, ride through densely overgrown forests and explore detailed temples and villages. Together with fine light and smoke effects, as well as shrubs and trees swaying in the wind, an almost film-like aesthetic is created. The fights are another highlight: Jin's movements and attacks are finely staged and appear to be elegant and powerful. Everything suggests that Ghost of Tsushima will be one of the last flagship titles on PlayStation 4.

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You can equip Jin with different armor and outfits, each with different advantages. With collected flowers you change the color and design of your clothes. You will also find a variety of amulets that give certain powers: Jin can, for example, automatically regenerate health with the appropriate pendant. Technological points, on the other hand, are used to learn or improve various skills. There are also resources all over the world that you can use to craft items.

Photo mode and samurai cinema

Ghost of Tsushima has an extensive photo mode, which also allows you to create videos. Also included is a black and white filter called Samurai Cinema: This gives the entire game a look in the style of classic samurai films. To ensure that the sound is authentic, you can experience the entire adventure with Japanese voice output and localized subtitles.

Ghost of Tsushima will be released on July 17th exclusively for PlayStation 4. Below you can watch the complete demo of Ghost of Tsushima again:

Ghost of Tsushima – State of Play – May 14, 2020

In an 18-minute edition of "State of Play", Sucker Punch presented several game impressions and fight scenes from the potential top hit Ghost of Tsushima.


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