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Ghost of Tsushima will give lessons on Japanese culture




We continue to receive juicy information about Ghost of Tsushima As July 17 approaches, the day it will go on sale. If a moment ago we told you that it will be a love letter to the samurai genre, now we inform you that Ghost of Tushima to give Japanese culture lessons.

So he has made it known Nate fox, creative director of the title developed by Sucker Punch, during an extensive interview with the portal GamesRadar. There, the company manager explained that his intentions with this adventure go far beyond entertaining the staff and that would like people to learn more about feudal Japan and the customs of the Japanese people:

“We wanted to make the world of Ghost of Tsushima felt authentic. And since we are an American studio we knew we would not succeed in that alone. We contacted experts in different fields to help us do things right, from the architectural standards of feudal Japan to how people would act then or how garments were created at that time. ”

Sucker Punch He wants us to truly feel on the island of Tsushima in the middle of the 13th century and for this he has carefully documented what Japanese culture was like then. Thus, each time we play Ghost of Tsushima we will be able to tour its world discovering more about the Japanese traditions and about the lifestyle that the population of the island led when the Mongol army invaded it. Something that, as the creative director of the title explains, Sucker Punch would not have achieved without collaboration with other studios in Sony


“We certainly want to do the best job possible knowing that we are a group of American people. But it has been really useful for us to be part of Sony because it has other studios that we can ask for help and guidance. We have worked with other people and with companies like Japan StudiosThey guided us on our first trip to Tsushima Island and helped us with the audio recording in the field. They joined us in helping us get that feeling of transporting us to feudal Japan. ”

Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima will give lessons on Japanese culture.

Therefore, the great setting that Sucker Punch seems to have achieved with Ghost of Tsushima It is not only the merit of this developer, but the union and collaboration with other Sony studios residing in Japan. Thus, the title will show us a more realistic vision of what the Asian country was at that time than if it had been done only by the American team.

It can be seen that Nate Fox and the rest of the Sucker Punch team are putting a lot of care into every detail of Ghost of Tsushima and all this adds up for the exclusive title of PlayStation 4* It has become one of the most anticipated and promising this year. Now we will have to see if the end result of the adventure is as round as it seems today.

Ghost of Tsushima - Shrine
In the sanctuaries we can pray to learn new skills.

More from Ghost of Tsushima

As the creator of the game himself has remarked on occasion, the new adventure developed by Sucker Punch for PS4 It will go far beyond combat, which can be faced directly or through stealth techniques. In Ghost of Tsushima we will have an entire island to explore at will, discovering a large number of secrets and side missions that we can access observing nature since the animals will guide us there. Additionally, the title will feature a large number of customization options that will change the look and combat characteristics of Jin Sakai, its protagonist.

July 17 will be the day we can unsheathe our katana since then Ghost of Tsushima will be released exclusively for PS4, reaching the console with reversible cover. Until then we will continue to bring you all the information about the game first hand so that you do not miss absolutely anything of this title to which the very same Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has already dared to classify it as the best game of the year. Of course, it seems that way to qualify for such a precious award.

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