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Ghost of Tsushima will have its own State of Play on May 14




Sony has announced that next Thursday, May 14, celebrate a State of Play dedicated exclusively to Ghost of Tsushima, the new open-world action video game from Sucker Punch. This streaming can be seen both on Twitch and YouTube, start at 22:00 pm (Spanish peninsular time) and focus on showing a deep gameplay of the samurai game.

Specifically the broadcast will last around 18 minutes in which we can see the exploration and combat of Ghost of Tsushima, in addition to "other interesting aspects" of the game, as detailed by Sid Shuman, director of social networks at Sony, in an entry in the official blog of PlayStation.

Shuman points out in that same text that in the State of Play next Thursday there will be no news of PS5, but dedicate exclusively to take a "walk through the huge, peak and beautiful open world of Sucker Punch".

In the skin of Jin Sakai, a samuri with a thirst for revenge

It was recently announced that Ghost of Tsushima will be released next July 17 exclusively on PS4. Its original release date was scheduled for a few weeks earlier, but the delay of The Last of Us Part 2 It also affected the Sucker Punch game and its release was placed on the Sony calendar. The company is now preparing to launch more than a month after its release.

In Ghost of Tsushima we will put ourselves in the shoes of Jin Sakai, a samuri with a thirst for revenge They had to fight and seek alliances to redeem their badly wounded people during the wave of Mongol invasions of Japan in 1274. The ultimate goal of Sakai, known as The Ghost, was to destroy Khotun Kan, the Mongol leader. Sucker Punch recently released a video focused on the protagonist's story.

To know more about this video game we recommend you take a look at our preview of Ghost of Tsushima, an article in which we collect all the information available from the game from Sucker Punch. A good way to open your mouth before watching the State of Play on Thursday.


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