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Ghost of Tsushima’s black and white mode helped make it more accessible




At last week's State of Play he was focused on Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch finished the video by presenting the Samurai Cinema mode, which turns the game into a classic samurai movie by applying a black and white filter, grain and some other cinematic effect.

Ghost of Tsushima's black and white mode helped make it more accessible
Samurai Cinema mode is inspired by classic samurai movies.

In a IGN interview

, Jason Connell —creative director and art director for Ghost of Tsushima– stated that during development, while testing the game in black and white mode, Connell realized that there were some elements, like the icons on the map, which in the normal game have the same shapes and the only way to differentiate it is through color. So since that with Samurai Cinema mode wouldn't work, the team has had to rework some aspects of the game.

In Connell's words, “There are definitely some things that are more difficult when you're in that mode. Once we created that mode, and you can play the entire game through it, we quickly realized that there were some areas that we need to reevaluate. For example, if we were using the same icon on the map but only with a different color, then that would not work well. So you need to change the shape of the second icon because only the color will not work »


One of the things that Sucker Punch paid special attention was to the colorblind mode of the games and the different accessibility options that they usually offer for black and white mode to work properly. According to Connell, “We took a lot of tracks because we learned about the color blind accessibility mode. We simply activate the mode and play a lot to discover where it breaks and modify the design. And this is how we work in general on almost everything ».

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