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Glamorous: IKEA now has instructions for setting up a booth




Förtress, Cåve and Wigwåm

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Have you and your child fallen at home? It's best to use it to build a stall! In this well-designed advertising campaign, IKEA showed how to use furniture and imagination to build caves and stalls for children.

To Wigwam: Of course, you do n’t need Ikea furniture to recreate the booth shown here.

To Wigwam: Of course, you do n’t need Ikea furniture to recreate the booth shown here. [Source: IKEA]

Even the name of the IKEA product is always worth laughing at. The same is true of the advertising campaigns that Russian agents instinctively created for Swedish furniture stores. However, when you shop at the next IKEA, "Förtress", "Cåve", "Cåmpingtent" or "Wigwåm" are not something that can be loaded into a car, but a carefully designed project for you and your descendants. [Hint: Some caves may also apply to Netflix & Chill].

Set up a booth with IKEA

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Castle model: Four chairs, a cloakroom, a blanket and some clothespins immediately became a castle.
[Source: IKEA]

The architectural descriptions of stalls, castles and caves are based on IKEA products, but of course it can be copied with furniture from other manufacturers. This is even clearly indicated in the descriptive text belonging to the indicated instruction. You should only ensure that the completed structure has a certain basic stability.

These six architectural proposals are definitely a good activity for children when they are isolated, but they also provide a lot of choices on rainy days in autumn and should also bring joy to parents.

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If the children are busy and you want to remodel the apartment, you can find more tools here to help you redesign the house. We have prepared an IKEA planner for you, which can be downloaded here.

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