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God of War director would like to remake the first Silent Hill




The rumors of Sony taking the reins of the saga Silent Hill Thank you to an agreement with Konami they are constant for months, despite the fact that the developer has denied it on several occasions. The latest rumors indicate that the saga, in any case, return to the PlayStation 5, something that has also been speculated for some time. Recent statements by the director of God of war they have only rekindled these rumors.

On the social network Twitter, because of a message published by the American media GameSpot asking which game would you like to have a remastering if you could make a wish to a genius, Cory Balrog, the director of the last God of war I have answered "Silent Hill. And let me do it to myself."


Among the options in the GameStop question are four classics from the first PlayStation, two of them from Konami: Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Xenogears and Twisted metal. Without a doubt, they are games highly appreciated by fans and have resulted from great relevance in the historical trajectory of the video game industry.

It is not surprising, in this sense, that a director or producer openly wishes to be able to take charge of a project linked to these classics. That is to say, there need not necessarily be second readings in Balrog's message

. However, that has not stopped the reactions from pointing precisely towards reviving the rumor that a Sony studio was working on the return of Silent Hill thanks to an agreement with Konami.

"We are aware of the rumors but we can confirm that they are not true",
They said from Konami a few months ago, adding that "we know this is not the answer that fans will want to hear." And we have been waiting a long time for the return of a beloved saga, but Konami -for his part- has been betting for a long time to reduce his production of video games and boost other business areas, such as slot machines for the Japanese market.


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