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Grand Theft Auto VI: Rumor: Announcement This Week?




Is it because of Corona’s boredom or is it really something? In any case, the rumor mill is bubbling and promises an announcement of a new GTA. And soon.

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The rumor mill on 4chan and Reddit is in any case completely steep. Sure, that a new GTA will come someday is as safe as amen in the church. Only the "when" is the big question so far. After all, the last GTA was seven years ago!

In any case, the rumor is circulating on 4chan, supposedly based on information from employees of social media teams from various publishers, that an announcement is imminent. Accordingly, GTA VI should be officially announced on March 25. A first trailer is to follow in the coming week. There are also legends and legends surrounding the setting that promise a return to Vice City in the 80s.

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We will find out what is really there on March 25th at the latest, if anything happens. At least the rumors are currently hoping that with the launch or at least shortly thereafter a new GTA in next-gen quality is imminent. It is still an exciting story whether a possible GTA VI can build on the old successes, as GTA mastermind and story writer Dan Houser said goodbye to Rockstar weeks ago. We are excited and stay on the ball.

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