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GTA Online: A series of funds theft guide




Bank, EMP, etc. The fourth job of GTA Online Heist is everything-it is now available for free through GTA 5 on the Epic Games Store. Let us steal a lot of drugs.

Well, the team Fleeca Job, The Prison Break and the epic Humane Labs Raid are all in the shopping bag. You are the damn winner. But the robbery is not over. Remember Trevor? He likes drugs. He needs drugs. You will bring him a lot of drugs. These drugs will be the Series A financing required by Trevor to develop its company Trevor Philips Industries. obvious.

Before carrying out a robbery, you should know that these tasks have a strong driving function when they get angry. At the beginning of each job, buy heavy armor from ammunition. You can put on a new vest from the seven stocks at any time: just open the "Interactive" menu, go to "Inventory", and select "Bulletproof vest".

it is good? it is good. let's do it.

How to conduct a Humanitarian Lab Raid Setting 1-Coke

This is a tricky start for the robbery. The purpose here is to steal Coke bags from the Brotherhood boys on the yacht. You will be divided into two groups, fleet and helicopter team.

Not surprisingly, the fleet went to the ship, and the helicopter team went to the helicopter.

cokeboat "width =" 1920 "height =" 1080 "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-517354 "srcset =" 1920w, https : // 156w, 600w, https: // assets / current / 2015/03 / cokeboat-1152x648.jpg 1152w "size =" (maximum width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px "/></p><p>The fleet sailed towards the rear of the yacht, jumped into the water and entered the lower deck. You will shoot a lot of playboys at close range, so please consider using an assault shot gun. Enter the engine room, kill everyone and pick up the cola bag.</p><div class= Subscribe to VG247 news
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cokeengineroom "width =" 1920 "height =" 1080 "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-517358 "srcset =" 1920w, https : // 156w, 600w, https: // assets / current / 2015/03 / cokeengineroom-1152x648.jpg 1152w "size =" (maximum width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px "/></p><p>The chopper team is best to land from the dock, rather than actually landing on the yacht. This was an urgent landing on the helipad, and it was easy to end with an exploding helicopter and failure. Land on the pier and snipe. After the shooting, the police helicopter will arrive. Take them out with rockets and fight against MG.</p><p><img src=

You must spend some time with the fleet. The interior of the yacht is confusing, and it is unclear how to go from the lower part of the rear of the yacht to the other cola bags in front. The work is designed for the helicopter team to collect other packages after landing on the yacht. Once the fleet finds the stairs in front of the ship, kills everyone and collects drugs, they should disembark, catch the boat or motorboat they are riding on, and return to the beach.

cokeescape "width =" 1920 "height =" 1080 "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-517357 "srcset =" 1920w, https : // 156w, 600w, https: // assets / current / 2015/03 / cokeescape-1152x648.jpg 1152w "size =" (maximum width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px "/></p><p>Now, all four players need to lose the desired score and then return to the warehouse. That's it. Ron's smile all makes you paid.</p><p><img src=

First, go to South LS Recycling, kill the guy and steal the garbage truck. The operator drives and the collector stands behind.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312100246

Now you can make the first pick-up on Forum Drive. This is just to show you how to do it, so you will not be attacked by Vagos. After the truck stopped on the marker, the collector jumped from the back of the truck, ran to get the trash can, and then threw them to the back of the truck.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312100336

Then go to the boulevard of the capital. This time, when the collector brings the first luggage back to the truck, you will be attacked by Vagos. The trick to get the job done quickly is to load the luggage into the truck and then leave. Don't worry about killing AI. Please note that this time there are 3 leather bags, so make sure you have all obtained. Watch the luggage tag at the bottom right of the screen.

Then you will drive to Vespucci Boulevard. There is a simple trick to hit this stop. After parking the truck on the yellow mark and triggering the event, drive it to the other side of the street and pour it into the alley near the handbag. All collectors should do is jump out of the car, throw the bag in, and put it back on. The operator does not even have to leave the truck. Forget to kill AI. Load the bag into the truck and leave.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150313091116

The final collection is at a gas station on the supply street. At the crossroads, you will be attacked in all directions. It is worth an operator to get off and cover behind a wall at the gas station, because you will make thousands of Vagos appear in the car. Similarly, return the truck to the gas station, bringing the rear of the truck close to the duffel bag. Once the luggage is on the truck, leave.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312103033

On the way back to the warehouse, you will be attacked by more fans. Make sure you have armor installed and continue shooting. When you arrive near the warehouse, the timer disappears and Vagos will end its attack. Hit the stain to the yellow spot to complete the work.

How to conduct a Humanitarian Lab Raid Setting 3-Cyclist

This may be more difficult than it actually is. Cyclist is an invisible mission, but the target is far less sensitive than the target in EMP provided by The Humane Labs Raid.

The purpose is to climb into the lost camp, kill everyone, steal two trucks filled with medicine, and transport them to Ron. No team is engaged in this work.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312143515

First, go to the trailer for Trevor. If you need it, he will provide you with a bunch of silent weapons. Do whatever you want

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312144003

Now you need to go to the rubber boat. Just a few hundred yards from the trailer. Enter and drive towards the lost camp.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312144124

When you arrive, approach the camp and take the guards with melee killing or silent weapons. Silent shot guns are very effective for this. If you scare anyone, the mission will end, so please continue to talk to each other and watch the detection cone on the small map. Remember: Click L3 to sneak, so that it doesn't make too much noise.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312144854

After killing everyone, you need to find the truck. You can see the location in the photo below. They are on the north side of the camp.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312145530

Steal the truck and take a break for it. You will be hit hard by the handsome guy, so once again make sure you are wearing armor and drive as fast as possible to let passengers constantly shoot the lost from their bikes. If you have one, please drive mainly. Put the truck in the warehouse to finish the work.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312150029

How to conduct a Humanitarian Laboratory Raid Setup 4-Weeds

The purpose of the weeds is to go to the sawmill and steal two Benson trucks full of paint from Balas. There are three roles in this job: the ground team, West Observatory and East Observatory.

Drive to the sawmill and get in place.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312152927

Snipe Barras until you are happy enough to continue. There will be more playboys, but don't worry about killing every point. Just take a distant view from the original position, then carefully enter and grab the vehicle. Please note: Some Balas are hiding in the pipeline to the sawmill. They can't stand up and are hard to hit. As long as they keep staring at them, they will eventually die.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312153222

The ground team carried a truck each, and the watchtower grabbed the technicians, an armored jeep equipped with guns. Everyone should add armor. The technology is leading, killing Balas and clearing obstacles. gather together!

Grand Theft Auto V_20150312153440

This is a long and difficult process of driving back to the warehouse. Whoever technically uses the installed spray gun must be efficient. Be careful when you walk out of the first tunnel after the sawmill, especially if you are driving the Bensons. If you go too fast, you may get lost and take the truck down the mountain.

Return the truck to the warehouse and you will be paid.

How to set up A round of financing 5-Stealing Food Law

Bet you can't guess what you are doing here. The O'Neill brothers are cooking crystals on their farm. You need to steal the "methyl juice" tanker and then deliver it to Trevor's chef at the gas station. No team is engaged in this work.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150313103918

Drive to the farm. When you arrive, the system will instruct you to kill the methamphetamine dealer. Use a sniper rifle as you enter the field to clear all visible ghosting.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150313104405

Move up to the building and use a bullet gun to shoot at the enemy through the window. Rednecks are not so difficult.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150313104633

Now, someone should grab the rig while others continue to shoot, drive it over and hook it to the trailer. Just turn the cab upside down on the trailer and it will install automatically.

Grab the trailer and the timer will start. Before the timer runs out, drive the truck to the gas station and you will be paid. Other players will need to escort the truck and clear the attacking enemies. If the truck is damaged too much, it will explode. Watch the vehicle health bar at the bottom right of the screen.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150313104911

This is done. Now comes the end.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150313110103

Compared to others, this ending is short and you should have no problems at all. Just remember: you need to continue to install armor when you are finished, and to succeed, you must insist on driving.

The purpose of Series A financing is to move two trucks full of drugs to the warehouse. The brothers and boys, Balas, Vagos and O'Neill were all informed of the whereabouts of the stolen drugs. They came to retrieve it.

There are two teams for this job, North Lookout and South Lookout.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150313110225

Drive to the warehouse. Take a place on the door at either end. One member of each group should stand on each side of the door.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150313110531

The dude arrives at the car. Kill them with hand grenades and assault rifles. Upon completion, as you did in Weed's work, two players will ride on the Benson truck and the other two will enter the technical competition. Remember to refill your armor! Similarly, technicians should lead the way.

Drive along the yellow line and enter the highway. Every truck has a damage bar and you need to arrange a timer. You will be attacked by a kitchen knife, and the lost and God know what else. Keep going and unite together. No one who technically fires will lack a target, and it is indeed necessary to quickly clear the enemy. The chopped kitchen knives remove them as soon as they arrive.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150313110820

After driving, you will reach the lighthouse. That's it. You will see cutscenes and get cash.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150313111653

Grand Theft Auto V_20150313111401

Congratulations, you have completed the fourth round of GTA online robbery financing. This means that there is only one left to do.

Return to the rest of our GTA online robbery guide.

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