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GTA Online clarifies the content of its Special Summer update



GTA Online clarifies the content of its Special Summer update

On August 7, Rockstar Games announced the arrival of a major update to celebrate summer as it should on GTA Online. Today, the update is available and the studio specifies the content of it.

As of today, in the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V, it is possible to take advantage of the Special Summer pack, notably adding new missions, new activities and new vehicles … Let's start with these. Fifteen in number, these new vehicles allow players to drive at full speed in Los Santos and enjoy two new ultralights, ideal for taking part in the nine new ultralight races which notably offer you to drive along Land Act Dam or to cross the Ron Alternates wind farm.

The ultralight racing gameplay has also been improved: you can now change the type of tires at the pit and follow the deterioration of your tires and your vehicle thanks to new indicators on the screen. Additionally, players who ride in the wrong direction or stand still on the track for too long will appear as ghosts to other players.

Of course, as usual, Rockstar Games offers players to earn double the rewards by participating in these new ultralight races.

To celebrate the arrival of these ultralight news,
GTA Online also offers a new track editor for ultralight racing. This new editor offers more than 60 new elements, starting with arches, stands or even paddocks.

As we said in our previous news, the Summer Special update also features a total of six new co-op missions. These, available from the deck of your luxury Galaxy yacht or by calling Captain Darcy, offer you new maritime adventures. Note that these new missions allow players to win double GTA $ and unlock the unique sailor outfit. To get the latter, just complete these six new adventures.

This new update provides players with food for new Rivalry Trials by going to The Diamond Casino & Resort in Los Santos, or even experiencing new Trade Wars. Winning a Trade War before August 19 gives you an additional reward, the Pink Polka Dot Hockey Mask.

Finally, The GTA Online Summer Special update unveils new clothing collections, two new arcade games to buy from Pixel Emporium and ten collectibles for Solomon Richards. Bringing these together allows you to obtain an additional reward.

The PS5 version of GTA V shows its strengths in video.

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