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GTA Online Robbery Guide: The Fleeca Job




Now, "Grand Theft Auto Online" provides a new audience for free in the Epic Games store. This is the way to complete "Fleeca Job", which is the first batch of tasks in "Grand Theft Auto Online Heists."

Header "width =" 1449 "height =" 815 "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-516748 "srcset =" 1449w, https: // 156w, 600w, https: // assets / current / 2015/03 / header-1152x647.jpg 1152w "size =" (maximum width: 1449px) 100vw, 1449px "/></p><p>Fleeca Job was the first robber and easily introduced the latest update of GTA 5.</p><p>After downloading the Heists file, enter GTA Online. You receive a call from Leicester telling you to go to his warehouse near the highway. Like the single player <a href=game, it is marked with an L on the map.

lester_map "width =" 1920 "height =" 1080 "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-516732 "srcset =" 1920w, https : // 156w, 600w, https: // assets / current / 2015/03 / lester_map-1152x648.jpg 1152w "size =" (maximum width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px "/></p><p>When you arrive, you will receive Lester's speech saying that he is setting up some jobs. You must leave the warehouse, Lester said he will get in touch with the job "soon".</p><p>Lester will call shortly. Back at your apartment, you will walk into the new Heist planning room. You can now host and lead your own robbery.</p><p><img src=game for the first time, some parts may be missed.

quickheist "width =" 1920 "height =" 1080 "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-516737 "srcset =" 1920w, https : // 156w, 600w, https: // assets / current / 2015/03 / quickheist-1152x648.jpg 1152w "size =" (maximum width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px "/></p><p>Assuming you own Fleeca Job, you need to find other players. This is the work of two people. After the lobby is full, you can start freely.</p><h3>How to do Fleeca job setting 1-out of range</h3><p><img src=

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