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GTA Online: The bonuses and discounts of the week




Illegal weapon smuggling will be rewarded twice this week in GTA Online because it literally rains bonuses for gunrunning sales missions.

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Before we tell you what bonuses and discounts are waiting for you, let us note that GTA 5 is still completely free in the Epic Games Store until the middle of next week. So if you don't have the game in your collection yet, you should go for it quickly.

Sitting on a mountain of less legal weapons is a dangerous idea. Of course, this increases the risk, but the chances increase to the same extent. Not only will research speed double this week, Gunrunning sales missions will also give you double payouts.

Bonuses for the Bunker series

Los Santos can be quite superficial: half of the commercial space is reserved for agents, plastic surgeons and reality TV productions. The city stands on a foundation of narcissism and vanity. It is only logical that the real action lurks bene ath the surface. The bunker series is proof of this: a selection of firefights in which you will meet your opponents a few miles underground in a limited, claustrophobic space. If you go deep and rise again as the winner, double GTA $ & RP will beckon you.

Spin the wheel of fortune at Diamond Casino & Resort to win the main prize of the week: a tuned Grotti Itali GTO in urban racer design – a sports car that is so slim that you have to go through a crash diet to fit in.


This week is handgun week at Ammu-Nation – all pistols are free. Yes, you read that right: free, free, for free. Come over and tell a friend to bring another friend.


  • 30% discount – Progen Emerus
  • 30% discount – HVY Nightshark
  • 40% discount – Överflöd Entity XXR
  • 40% discount – Karin Sultan RS
  • 40% discount on bunkers: Paleto Forest, Raton Canyon, Chumash, Lago Zancudo, Grapeseed, Route 68, Grand Senora Desert, Smoke Tree Road, Thomson Junkyard, farm house
  • 30% discount on bunker improvements and expansions: bunker styles, private rooms, shooting range, weapon locker, transport


Twitch Prime members who link their accounts at Twitch Prime and the Rockstar Games Social Club receive the arcade in Paleto Bay free of charge, as well as an 80% discount on the Tula and 60% on the Grotti Furia. Log in to Twitch Prime for access to these and future benefits.

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