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Guerrilla Collective: an independent digital event to be held from June 6 to 8




Several publishers and independent development studios have teamed up to host a digital event of their own that will take place early next month. Is named Guerrilla Collective and I will celebrate on Twitch June 6 to 8. During this event announcements of new games will be made and the novelties of existing titles will be reviewed. It is a collaboration of all these studies of the Media Indie Exchange in collaboration with Kinda Funny Games Showcase (in fact be introduced by Greg Miller).

The Guerrilla Collective organization defines the event as "a completely aggressive, player-centered initiative to bring players and developers together in celebration of the video game during these tough timesDuring these three days we can expect different formats for each day: the day 6 focus on news, updates and announcements on new games, the day 7 focus on an online presentation to the press and the last day, June 8, interviews will be conducted and demos of the games presented during the previous days will be shown.

What games and studios can we expect at the Guerrilla Collective?

A good plethora of independent studies have confirmed their participation in the event. The Guerrilla Collective organization itself has shared a complete list that, they say, can still continue to bulge. In it appear names as attractive as the creators of Elysium Disc, Divinity: Original Sin II or This War of Mine. They will also announce their new publishers focused on the distribution of independent works such as Yuppie Psycho, Temtem, World of horror or Lonely Mountains: Downhill.

You can check the complete list of attendees then:

Although it is independent, this event shares a digital scope with other online presentations that will also take place on June 6, such as the Paradox insider, focused on the publisher's games, the PC Gaming Show, which has found its niche outside of the canceled E3 2020, and the Future Games Show, a session focused on the games of tomorrow with the participation of its creators.


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