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Guilty Gear: Strive delayed to 2021 by coronavirus




Arc System Works has announced that Guilty Gear: Strive, the next installment in its iconic fighting game saga, is late and finally not make it this year. While there is still no specific release date, its premiere happens to be scheduled for early 2021. On the reasons for the delay, the study has cited two different goods: the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to improve the game.

A delay that responds to two very different reasons

About the first there is not much to say, since the coronavirus has caused that almost all areas of game development have suffered delays while the developer adapts to her new way of working, something that is happening with many games and equipment. Regarding the second, Takeshi Yamanaka, the producer of this installment, has commented that they want to make sure to offer the best possible product and They need a little more time to implement a multitude of improvements that respond to the criticisms and suggestions made by fans about their recent closed beta.

, which generated a great division of opinions in the community.

The new installment of Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear: Strive It will be a new 2D fighting game for PS4 that will continue the story of the saga and allow us to enjoy spectacular battles with a printed audiovisual section. At igamesnews we had the opportunity to test its criticized closed beta and we published an article of impressions where we highlight its horrible online rooms and the great changes that have been made regarding its predecessors, as well as the multiple doubts that many of them generated in us: "We find it difficult to hide certain doubts that this first contact with Guilty Gear: Strive

. The saga has always had a very strong identity and a very characteristic style that has been lost here in favor of a somewhat kinder approach to new players and more slow and tactical confrontations, although we are concerned that it will remain in no man's land and not be able to please the newcomers or the most demanding veterans. "


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