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Half-Life: Alyx Review-A Legend Returns in Elegant Form •




If you ask me, Stepper is the greatest work in Half-Life. Of course, you might say this is just another round of the HG Wells tripod, but take a closer look! Those legs were incredibly long and terribly intertwined, so much that a horrible pair of poultry meat was sewn together with machinery, full of pain and mistakes. In Half-Life 2, I saw something bent down to hide under the bridge, and the thing about Strider is that it never reminds you of one thing, always a terrible fusion-almost fire The flamingo's joints work, but almost everything the grandparents squeezed in the attic is also heavy. Internal life: Only when they see their priorities can they have self-protection and cruel wisdom. The sense of autonomy at this moment is also deeply driven by tasks. They gave me goosebecause because it was very clear that they might get goosebumps b.

Then I have been waiting for this moment. Half-Life: Alyx, delivered five years before Half-Life 2 and 16 years-is it possible? – since Half-life 2 and 13 years from the second episode (last episode). (How did we talk about the gap between the first two plots at the time. We don't know.) Suddenly, the 17th city was before me again. I'm on the roof somewhere: Eli Vance's 19-year-old daughter, Alyx Vance, scouts for resistance.

The metropolis is a row of cluttered black and heavy foreign cables, unconsciously covered with curtains, full of tired decoration, tiles and gaps, hanging down honey-colored European architecture. It's VR, so you can see the cream-colored skylight shake into the distant fog in a minute or two, and then enjoy the nearby radio for another moment. This is a very fierce analog technology that can be picked up and placed The turntable rotates and moves a small marker along the display, the antenna and all objects extending correctly.

Behind me, in a small greenhouse, there is a video call from my father, and more importantly, a series of felt pens are used on dirty glass to draw "combination" movements, but can also be used-what ? -Really do anything. Graffiti, Killroys, my daughter's name, in a handwriting that I can immediately recognize, was somehow captured in a video game space. I was on the go, so I hid a hidden door and explored several dirty Winston Smith beds. Then walk to another ledge and tell me, what is that sound?

This sound is a huge sound, very amazing, and very close. Put the corpse on the side of the building and walk towards the place you want, because the crumbling human world is not really a concern for outside invaders. Stopped watching me? I stare-because it's VR, I'm actually staring on -In this terrible, sad thing that I have always liked, it's more full now than ever before, and its tricky joints support the black slate technology servo motor and debris of the merger. Haven't seen me care. It turned and unplugged a bunch of cables from nearby buildings-the human world is its junction box-and then it entered into the distance. Yes! I have been waiting for this moment. And this moment did not disappoint me.

Not only was I a stepper in Half-Life: Alex, but honestly, I will do my best to spoil this. What I should say is that in the past few days, I personally stepped a bit, strangely focused on the private agenda, but ignored the subtle details of the human landscape around me, because I used VR to browse the 17th city headset cover Live my eyes-two worlds, one lying on the other. All of this, just like I put on the headrest and the combine harvester unit, and everything else, it confuses me, rewires and upgrades-and I can install my own PC next to the desk. The domestic cat and scarf thrown on the back of the chair surprised me when I brushed my teeth at them at the wrong time (usually the time involving the skull). One afternoon, my daughter moved the dollhouse behind me, and when we bumped together, I almost left me in a boss fight. "When you're behind me, tell me you're behind me!" I said. Five minutes later, when I got into the underground terror somewhere, she had to quietly approach, and then announced, "Dad, I'm behind you."

In other words, Half-Life can always work in VR. But what's fascinating is how it works. If you're expecting a surge in creativity from La Boneworks, this game will happily blend all possible physical interactions as you go through its peculiar hasty movements, and you'll be a little disappointed. Half-Life prefers to focus on its ambitions-and thereby limit what you can do-rather than risk breaking the fantasy or frustrating the player. Of course, the decision was a bit wrong. This is the road or highway of Alyx. But there are also many gains.

As a result, Alyx was restrained. I think this means that it understands that VR itself is still a constant mm head for many people, it can make things straightforward and brings the concept of Half-Life closer than ever. Yes, it can play the radio and use the inevitable VR piano to make Goldberg variations, but this is not one of those VR games that VR games can be like those early 3D movies where people would always throw a knife on the screen. For the most part, it uses VR to give you more and more insight into this dirty, flaking triumphant gin world.

This is a simple story, direct and straightforward, and decorated with exquisite devices, most of which are directed at a sci-fi survival horror: you, guns, ammo removal and they As you walk slowly to your next destination, you lurk around. VR is used to continue the ambitions of Half-Life, first riding a tram on Black Mesa, and then expanding it with gravity guns, magnifying glasses, and the facial animation technology of Half-Life 2 to truly integrate players into reality. Cats, children, scarves and bookcases are not only victims of this method. They think it's important.

The basics are simple. What I'm telling you is that you're trying to meet your father and figure out what's exciting about combine harvesters right now. The event was very active and the goals were always clear. If there is a problem, then this is a simplification of the game as far as narrative is concerned, because it obviously has a specific job to do.

The controls are as clear-cut as the narrative. You can play in a room-scale gaming environment, or just stand in a more confined space, and you can choose one of four mobile options, two of which work well for teleportation and the other two are available through Continuous movement of hands or head is awkward and disgusting to me. Whichever action you choose, one hand usually holds a weapon or gadget-switching them is as easy as pressing a button and waving your arm up or down-the other hand is always free to interact with the environment, open the door, grab Hold the ammunition and ram the backpack into your home, hit the grenade and hit it.

Gravity gloves were put on both hands, which was the precursor of the gravity gun. They are beautiful things. Raising your hand, it's like some clumsy genius has created mittens for you with diodes and technical Lego bricks, with almost no display showing your health and ammunition level. These things are not meant to pull the saw blade off the wall and launch it into the zombie crowd. They are precise things, with a single flick of your wrist, you can pull the highlighted object out of the environment and bring it into your hands with a neat little slap.

The gloves were created by new role Russell, played by Rhys Darby, who, despite being a talented actor, still maintains close contact with Murray, a dim and bruised band manager from Conchords Flight. Because Alyx also speaks-Ozioma Akhaga's performance will always show different aspects of personality, while still alive to the wisdom of the graveyard-the game is essentially two hands, Alyx is in the world, and Russell monitors her progress from a distance, Cowardly, proud, gentle and weird. I like this combination. Most importantly, using the Rhys Darby simulator to follow the world's largest video game is a huge motivation.

The texture of the games experienced by these two games is ruthless and dazzling, practical, pragmatic and solid. It's a game about sailing in space and killing everything you encounter, but it's all carefully designed. The tense beating on the audio track is finally the buzz of old fluorescent tubes. The puzzle is made of gravity, stacked boxes and wood used to support open windows. These challenges can be crazy, but Newton always stays honest at the same time. Elsewhere, the faint celestial sound clues in the main plot provide a very trivial solution, while the car poster you pass on the subway wreckage shows a boxy Soviet car with more than usual Oppressive advertising talk: Reality is defined. This is a science fiction novel with both feet on the ground.

It works because VR-inspired interactions are practical and fun. It lifts everything, from wiring puzzles (this is the real theme of the game), using gadgets that let you see the current flowing through the door inside the wall, you can also use some old-fashioned cable connections, and even search for ammunition and other supplies Including gray hockey pucks that have eaten worms thing You use it as money in a machine that allows you to upgrade weapons.

ss_0360004603a7861cf6781d5449e641f916f1ee07 "data-uri =" 2020 / articles / 2020-03-23-12-15 / ss_0360004603a7861cf6781d5449e641f916f1ee07.jpg "/></figure><p>Thanks to VR, weapons really exist. It's not just that you have to change clips and pull something that slides on top of the pistol before you can shoot the zombies that are already groaning at you. This is because they have a complex, heavy, and tricky state in your hands. You can feel these guns are made up of many smaller objects. Valve has always been good at using this kind of thing, and Alyx's upgradeable weapons are very special. From pistols and bullet guns to more exotic things, they are full of personality and power even before you start adding laser parts and larger clips.</p><p>Gun management, gun battles, wiring problems, and hacking challenges. The weight of traversing physical obstacles is so high that you can predict the results in your mind: all aspects of Alyx look simple, but they can work together for you. Medium until you reach the same level as me, if you are like me, chase Russell after each battle.</p><p>Oh man, but never forget: the most important are those incredible gloves. Gravity guns have always been used to developing other games for me. Not directly. It's just that I'm playing Gears of War. I see a grand piano or a flatbed truck and think: I wish I could lobby somewhere. Gravity gloves have gone beyond this range. They have the habit of entering me <em>head.</em> I will be lying on the sofa thinking: I wish I could slide that book from the other side of the room into my hand. At the front door, I wish I could turn around and pick up the keys from the stairs. Dude, what I can do with Jaffa Cakes.</p><p>Compared to the gloves provided in Half-Life 2, gloves are a less exaggerated magic-again, you don't throw a car at anyone because you meet anyone-but in some ways they are A more surprising magic. I spent half an hour, pausing the reloading process, taking some interesting set designs from a distant shelf and checking them. These levels are full of bits and pieces that can be used to check: tableware, pipes, videotapes. Use Chuck during the reload process, which is what you are good at-you can master it until you overcome the apocalypse and check the details at the same time. "Half-Life" has always been surprising, which may be why the last magazine came out in 2007. The right material, the right opportunity takes time to show itself.</p> <figure class=ss_5d228b092e93ff148e6a998c33e751fb968cc956 "data-uri =" 2020 / articles / 2020-03-23-12-15 / ss_5d228b092e93ff148e6a998c33e751fb968cc956.jpg "/></figure><p>What details can be done in the lost decade or so! This is a game that allows penetration. Even if you just see the blown-up apartment building, train yard and subway station, the noble and weirdness of City 17, which is steadily devouring faded artifacts by alien technology, is still a great place in video games. A lot of exercise. However, the biggest detail this time is Combine technology, which has never been so grim. Outside are grey sheets and sharp angles: designs that give you a nasty cut. But inside, it's usually a pile of jumbles rather than circuits, like Darth Vader works with Fergus Henderson, the man behind the nose-to-tail diet movement. The health station is almost unchanged compared to the first round, but the visibility is much higher <em>Present</em> In VR, you check the worms that have been squeezed into white to make them dew healing substances of wolf venom. Then you have to pull down a plate and put your hands on it while watching the beating of a dozen small syringes while scanning Environmental threats.</p><p>All these things come in beautiful suits. Due to the exhaustion of VR battles, there is no doubt that large robots like Nova Nova Propsekt are no different from the White Forest raid in the open world. Instead, the military is trapped in it through surgery-their strangled monotonous barks give you time to panic and find ammunition, and hope to come up with a plan. As for the priest, there is a shocking new enemy that I will not destroy, but even the old guard is back, giving them a stronger sense of fear. I used to be scared of VR heads, and then the game not only introduced them, but immediately lost the first of some pipes. That's really two minutes. (I regret to tell you that even though its design can't exactly match the original nasty supermarket horror, there is now a new headrest.) Elsewhere, this seems to prove that the original biological design is here Glory. When one of the classics reappears, you will feel fear rather than nostalgia. Maybe this is another manifestation of the heavy and heavy signs that Alyx can be immersive: when the game guides you to the light and brings you back underground for spells, there is a real sense of fear. You live in these spaces as you move through them.</p><p>There are some clever devices that are getting more and more at the end of the event, but I was shocked by the huge savings in them. Once again, shackles: make VR work properly, get some killer stuff out of it, then repeat it and remix it without breaking the spell. Hollywood moments have always haunted me, but I also remember when I was sitting in a room full of oil drums when a can of explosive gas was opening into the mouth of one of those terrible limpet objects on the ceiling . Valve likes to add suspense to the scene. Hitchcock is proud of it: you can see all the moving parts, but the magic is still there.</p><p>And the more I play Alyx games, the more I think about how to combine VR with Half-Life. What's more, it reminds me of G-Man, a shadow figure in a suit. It was really fascinating to show up at key moments throughout the series. G-Man is the focus of many lore plots in Half-Life. Who is he? Is he human? Is he Gordon Freeman himself?</p><p>Don't worry if he shows up in Alyx. Maybe it doesn't matter. Because throughout the game, I think I figured out his true identity. He is the valve. Think about it: The inexplicable Valve, a company that looks farther than most people, seems to have a very different agenda from most developers-and people who take it for granted don't always seem to be kind. G-Man disappeared for a long time, but then something happened that caught up with his intentions. This is his way, or not at all. 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