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Half-Life: Alyx: We play it live tonight




Valve's new VR adventure in the world of Half-Life is available today. Felix is ​​sitting around at home and will strap on the VR glasses for you at 6 p.m.

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igamesnews is currently working hard from its home office. While Felix is ​​screwing on a new edition of Insert Coin, he will take the time to put on the VR glasses for you from 6 p.m. today and take a look at Valves Half-Life: Alyx. You can watch him doing this because he will broadcast his VR jumping jack live on igamesnews's YouTube channel.

Valve's return to the world of Half-Life is available today. Half-Life: Alyx has not become a classic sequel to Half-Life 2, but rather a prequel that Combine fighter Alyx Vance puts in the foreground. According to designer David Speyrer, the first-person adventure, which can be played exclusively in VR, is not a boring spin-off, but the next part of the half-life story. In development since 2016, a team of 80 developers worked on Half-Life: Alyx, which should not be inferior in size to Half-Life 2.

From 6 p.m. you can watch the Youtube Lifestream comfortably here. Or just surf it igamesnews channel on Youtube on, leave a subscription, activate the bell and stay up to date.


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