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Harry Potter and the Ghostbusters take place in the same universe according to this theory



The saga of Harry Potter and the movie of The Ghostbusters They are several decades apart and, apparently, cover different topics. Although it goes without saying that the two reflect a great imagination on the part of their creators. However, a crazy theory suggests that both stories exist in the same universe.

By 1984 the theaters brought to their screens a group of ghostbusters with the mission of defeating dark spirits that wreak havoc in New York City. On the other hand, Harry Potter It tells the story of a magic student who must face Lord Voldemort, a powerful warlock who wants to dominate the planet with dark magic. And although it sounds crazy, both stories happen in the same universe according to a theory published on Reddit that has gone viral these days. In addition, also the remake of The Ghostbusters

, published in 2016. We know it can be shocking, so take your time.

Reddit user textually says: I interpret Ghostbusters occur when Muggles (that's what they call humans without magic in Harry Potter) accidentally discover magic through science.

This theory contains much more detail. He argues that Gozer the Destroyer (main villain of Ghostbusters) may have been a witch who made Muggles believe that he was an ancient deity, forcing them to build a building to later make a Horcrux and transfer their soul to it.

The Ivan Reitman-directed film made its theaters in 1984.

To these events there was an immediate response from the Wizarding World sending Peck to stop ghostbusters from exposing wizard secrets to Muggles. Peck would act as Auror, but since New York City is heavily populated, he could be discovered using spells, so he tries to get ghostbusters arrested using logic, the Reddit user writes.

From Now you will surely see with different eyes both sagas. Your vision about them will be affected by this curious theory very well elaborated by a Reddit user under the name of Exitum31. If you like J.K. Rowling, you will be looking forward to the possible game based on these magical stories, right?

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