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HBO Max to Premiere Justice League Snyder Cut




The movie of League of Justice failed to achieve such overwhelming success as it was intended to have when it premiered in late 2017. Critics and supporters have pointed out numerous times that this is because its original director, Zack Snyder, had to abandon the project after experiencing a family tragedy, so soon after its premiere the movement began #ReleaseTheSnyderCut so that the assembly of the film was released according to its original director, after he himself revealed his existence and his desire to make it public.

However, Warner Bros. has not been in favor of offering fans of the DC Extended Universe its wish come true … until now. Yesterday, himself Zack Snyder announced that his Justice League montage will premiere on the HBO Max streaming platform throughout 2021.. In this way, the phenomenon #ReleaseTheSnyderCut has managed to fulfill its goal: a completely different re-release of the Justice League, as even protagonists Ben Affleck (Batman) or Gal Gadot (Wonderwoman) supported in their day.

Justice League: Snyder Cut will premiere as a six-episode series or a four-hour movie. Means like Hollywood Reporter point out that the project will receive between 20 and 30 million dollars to end its assembly with new visual effects, soundtrack and the possibility of recording new dialogues with the original actors, among which are Henry Cavill (Superman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman) or Ezra Miller (The Flash).

Snyder promises that this Justice League is «a whole new thing, and, especially speaking for those who have seen the movie that was released, a new experience beyond that movie

«. Well, according to the director, the film only had «a quarter of what I did«. With the material available, Snyder planned what his streaming launch could be like, choosing where to cut the chapter and which cliffhangers to leave.

Ray Fisher, in charge of interpreting Cyborg, has already been encouraged to participate in the project and Jason Momoa has celebrated it with the following post:

Now, you can only wait in what format Justice League: Snyder Cut will be released and if finally, as it seems that it will happen, new material will be recorded with the original actors.


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