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High-tech products sold out in scam stores are among the best in Google




By Cian Maher
Tuesday, May 12, 2020, GMT

A hypothetical scam that specializes in providing hard-to-find technology products with high discount prices has recently successfully ranked among the top Google search results for various on-demand products-even with the official "By Google" label.

The news was first reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which revealed the perpetrator of the problem through a website called "MyTechDomestic".

According to the report, MyTechDomestic surfaced online in April and steadily entered the recommended advertising space within a few weeks. The site has now become a recognized scam store and seems to focus on selling products sold by most mainstream technology retailers or sold only at high prices, including products such as Oculus Quest, which is one of many VR headsets with VR capabilities recently For a few months, PS4 with the theme of Fortnite experienced a quick sell-out cycle.

The report also pointed out that although MyTechDomestic seems to provide support for multiple payment methods, the only way to successfully process transactions is to purchase goods by bank transfer directly to the site itself.


Other information in the report confirms that MyTechDomestic once claimed to be an officially registered company in the United Kingdom, headquartered in London, United Kingdom, but the address provided by it can be traced back to a consulting company with no affiliated relationship.

So far, the official domain name related to MyTechDomestic (a label that has been "By Google" certified through advertising operations) has been suspended by PlanetHoster, a Canadian registrar. Google also conducted its own investigation of false statements, and a spokesperson for the tech giant discussed the seriousness of "dishonest business practices" and then confirmed that it was removed from Google for various other violations in 2019 alone 2.7 billion reported ads.

Internet scams are not uncommon: Valve has had to make changes to Steam in the past to prevent the passing of counterfeit goods, and Fortnite scams (which do not exist) bundled with free V-Bucks often appear online. However, this is a more serious case involving a counterfeit store posing as a Google-approved technology reseller.

The BBC report also included comments from several speakers who expressed dissatisfaction with Google ’s slow pace of resolving the issue.

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