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Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch fixes adaptive FPS option



Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch fixes adaptive FPS option

There is a new “Horizon Zero Dawn” patch on PC.

Guerrilla games continue to update the PC version Horizon zero dawn. The latest version 1.06 was released four weeks after the last update.

Once again, there are many smaller fixes, and some welcome improvements. Although the guerrillas promised to provide more clear answers soon, many major issues are still under investigation.

Horizon Zero Down Last Version 1.06 fixes the bug

that may sometimes cause the character to be distorted in cutscenes, and improves the adaptive FPS mode to ensure that its performance is not lower than similar native settings.

Now, Aloy will also move in the direction the camera faces when walking, instead of tilting slightly. In addition, there are some crashes and HDR fixes.

You can find all patch notes for 1.06 below.

Crash repair

  • Fixed the crash of stream computing shader.
  • Fixed a crash during startup related to non-ANSI character file paths.

Graphical improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the main character “Point of the Spear” warped between cutscenes in certain cutscenes.
  • Fixed the problem that the box graphics would flicker in the final movie of the game.
  • Fixed the issue that the UI may be covered by black scenes in HDR.
  • Fixed the following issue: Enabling the “Adaptive FPS” option will reduce performance results compared to setting similar results manually.

Gameplay improvements

  • The direction in which Aloy walks forward-Aloy now walks directly in the direction the camera is facing when pressing forward, instead of tilting slightly.

Other improvements

  • Executable file details-The properties of the executable file now also show the current version.

Known issues

  • Some players encountered insufficient memory errors during game optimization.
  • Some players experience graphics settings issues, such as anisotropic filtering or HDR not working properly.
  • Some players experience performance issues on specific GPU or hardware combinations.

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