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How to Download Grand Theft Auto V Now from the Epic Games Store




What was a rumor has now come true. Great Thef Auto V is totally free for PC in Epic Games Store, and also you can keep it forever, without having any special subscription.

Considered by many to be the best game in the Gran Thef Auto saga, Rockstar's penultimate installment is no longer free with the Xbox Game Pass. Now any PC user can have it totally free, and forever. The guys at Epic Games know how to be the center of attention.

How to get GTA V

The three protagonists of GTA V will make us live great adventures

You must have an Epic account, something simple that you can get on its official page, we leave you the link. The process has no mystery, you can associate any account from Google, Facebook, PSN, Xbox Live, or even Nintendo. Once you have completed the registration of your Epic account, you must click on the button Get Epic-Games

, which appears on the main page of the Epic Games Store. In this way, you will download the desktop client, from where you can download and install the games offered by the company.

After running the client, you can log in with your account. Which will allow you to buy games and download them. Epic Games Store usually gives away games every week, you just have to examine the Free Games section. GTA V will be unlocked to be downloaded this May 14 at 17:00 (Spanish time). Once it is available it will be as easy as proceeding to "buy it" (you will not need to enter any payment method) and you will have access to it. This promotion will be available until May 21.

Also, once you have completed this process You will receive an email with the receipt of your purchase, just like on the PlayStation Store, and with a message in the application to access to download Grand Theft Auto V. This Rockstar franchise will always be in fashion. It has sold 120 million copies, and has even become the most downloaded game last February on PlayStation. Now you have it totally free.


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