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Huge skill tree from Path of Exile gets even bigger in the delirium addon




Path of Exile explains how the nightmares work in the delirium addon


Path of Exile explains how the nightmares work in the delirium addon

As announced, Path of Exile does not stop with its content updates despite the approaching successor. The next one with Delirium will appear in mid-March 2020 and you want that with the »Ultimate level of difficulty« to your limits.

In the Delirium League, the title-giving delirium takes hold of your mind and brings "your worst nightmares" to life, making the Atlas Endgame harder but also more rewarding with new modifiers. One of the rewards are cluster gems that you already have with that very extensive skill tree can expand.

Skill tree is going from huge to gigantic

The cluster jewels you build at the very edge of the skill tree, which grows and gives you access to an additional of whole 280 skills granted. You can then improve them even further with modifiers.

However, this is far from over: you can even Install additional cluster jewels in the cluster jewels and let your skill tree grow steadily. According to the developer, this is "the best customization option for your builds since the Ascendance Classes were released."

Cluster jewels expand your skill tree. "Data-sizes =" auto "data-src =" "data- img-format = "204" data-img-id = "6092749" class = "responsive mb-0 lazyload" src = " Cluster jewels expand your skill tree.

Nightmarish opponents

But to get these jewels, you have to do a lot. So you can be affected by delirium in the expansion. Then you don't just have to heavier, but sometimes also new opponents, Fights that you have mastered without any problems in the past become a new challenge.

You will also find spheres of delirium. You can apply up to five to the Atlas in the endgame at the same time and thus one advertised by the developer »Ultimate level of difficulty« experience. In the missions, which are so difficult, you will again find fragments that you can combine to form a simulacrum in order to gain access to further, particularly difficult battles.

After the release of Delirium, Path of Exile will get at least three more addons. You will also be able to play their content in the sequel Path of Exile 2.


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