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The independent pearls for Xbox One, PS4 and PC will be available on May 12. It refers to Hunt down Takes you back to the arcade era of the 1980s. The arcade shooting game provides entertainment and entertainment with exquisite 16-bit pixelated pixel cult graphics. We checked and tested the Xbox One version.

Back to the 80s

Hunt down Produced by Coffee Stain Publishing and Easy Trigger, it brings the 16-bit era back to the next generation of consoles. At the beginning, you almost feel like you are back in the mall. It was only then that you spent countless coins in the Double Dragon round. But this time you only need to invest pocket money to play at will. The title is priced at 19.99 euros in the Epic Games Store. It can be used for the console in the corresponding store.

Hunt down It is a traditional arcade game title with some rough splash effects. Therefore, it is not a censored or soft-cooked thing, but exhibits a complete and unpainted hardness. Not only did the graphics come from the 80s. Speaking of sound, the developers also retained the epic soundtrack of the 1980s. Special synthesizer sounds and cool voice output are waiting for you to overcome more than 20 difficulties.

When we are together, we have more power

If the whole thing is too boring, you can use the local cooperative model with your friends. Then, up to 2 players applaud in the world of Huntdown, fighting against Street Fighter against each other. After starting the game, you can choose the bounty hunter. You can choose between John Sawyer, Anna Conda and Mow Man. Of course, each of them has their own special abilities. Therefore, John Sawyer was not Tom Sawyer's father, but the former SWAT. Unfortunately, good men have lost limbs, but are still as healthy as sneakers.

Anna Cona is a commando soldier and weapon expert. She likes to kill people, you can almost call her hobby. If that is not a good prospect. The third in the group is "Meow Man", he is a modified reconnaissance robot. It is stolen and hardened by evil people using disabled software. A loyal partner can send others to Nirvana.

Twenty tough levels provide variety, blood and cruelty. In the cool urban landscape of the 1980s, neon lights and graffiti flooded into the disaster, and the best ten-year feeling is far more than that. Each of the 20 levels provides a boss battle. This poses a challenge to you at the first level. You have to give everything and smile the button to defeat the opponent. Sometimes, strategic thinking also helps.

Cruel massacre

There are four different gangs waiting for you in the game. They are equipped with brutal fighters and do their utmost to defend their team. Hoodlum dolls are punk and not only look strange, but can also be rinsed with all water. They will try their best to stop you. But when targeted shooting in the head area, cool punk punk is an example of a bet.

Together with Heatseekers, the murderous motorcycle club is waiting for you. The villain somehow wants to slaughter and make you feel it. The person with the first suspect still has good psychopaths and martial arts experts. The hockey hooligan's misbehavior provides the highlight of the game-they not only love skating, but also have a soft spot for explosions.

But all these gangs can be defeated by you. In addition to commonly used machine guns, you can also use shot guns, laser weapons or katakana and grenades. You can also use a baseball bat, but it doesn't actually cause much damage. Explosion, burning and thunder hitting every corner with almost no interruption. Huntdown challenges you from the beginning and provides uninterrupted arcade-style action.


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