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If you are a fan of Journey you have to see this longboard created by a fan



If you are a fan of Journey you have to see this longboard created by a fan

Making art for skaters is not easy, as it is always necessary something that draws powerfully attention and have that touch of urban art that you like so much. Well, it seems like there are tons of fans and professionals hell-bent on creating longboards or skateboards really unique, like the one you will see inspired by Journey, one clearly based on One Punch Man, or these other amazing Pokémon.

Obviously, the one that concerns us is inspired by the indie video game Journey from ThatGameCompany, and the result of this longboard is especially shocking for its complex design. You can see it below, in the image he shares allonerose and Reddit

. It is fascinating to see a table so worked and so complexYour new owner will surely be proud of the result.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the Journey. Here’s a skateboard I carved and painted to help me cruise along the way! from gaming

What do you think this longboard so cool, would you want an exactly the same for yourself or would you prefer a different style? It is impressive and would serve to conquer the streets with style.

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