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Impressive tech demo built in UE4




Epic Games impressed with the tech demo of Unreal Engine 5. Since then, many have wondered when games can be expected and what hardware is required. An equally exciting question, however, is what the NextGen tech demo would look like in a current engine.

That cannot yet be answered conclusively, the 3D Archivz Specialst Pasquale Sconti offers with his work on a temple complex, which is borrowed from the UE5 tech demo, a first impression of what is already possible with Unreal Engine 4.

According to its own statements, Sconti had no intention of copying the tech demo one-to-one. He was only inspired by it. This is also clear in the following comparison:

In contrast to the tech demo, which uses the lumen technology developed specifically for the UE5 for lighting, Sconti uses the Unreal Engine 4.25 ray tracing extension.

The differences are not just in the details

In addition, there are a number of much more obvious differences: the replica of the temple looks very different from the original. The same applies to the rock wall and the wooden scaffolding in the background.

However, a detailed copy would hardly have been possible. Ultimately, Sconti worked on the project alone, while Epic Games, together with Sony, had assembled an entire development team. Financial resources will also have been disproportionately larger in favor of the UE5 tech demo.

Unreal Engine 5 - All information


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Unreal Engine 5 – All information

Sconti only used that for its replica Megascans library from Quixel. He also couldn't “Billions of polygons” work as is possible with the Nanite technology of the UE5 and the level of detail (LOD 0) also had to be limited.

The end result is impressive, despite the limitations.


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