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Instead of 2.99 euros: this popular mobile game for Android is available today for free



Train the brain

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If you want to use your brain and train a little, please visit the Google Play store. There is currently a free mobile game "Thinking Games Pro" otherwise priced at 2.99 euros. You can find below whether it is worth downloading.

At present, many developers can provide their applications and games that should be paid for free in the application store. However, free promotions usually only last a short time, sometimes only one day. However, if you are fast, you can sometimes save money. For example, the current mobile game "Brain Games Pro" costs 2.99 euros.

Brain Games Pro is a collection of games based in part on the principles of knowledge psychology. A total of 24 games should help you train and improve various psychological skills. Each mini-game provides a summary and graphics of your progress.

In Free instead of 2.99 euros

All games have an overall comparison scale so you can see where training is needed. Brain Games Pro should improve attention, speed, memory and intellectual flexibility. The professional version of this app requires no ads or in-app purchases at all.

Is it worth downloading?

Brain Teaser Pro has been downloaded more than one million times from the Google Play store, and an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars have 21,000 comments. The app will still receive regular updates with improvements or bug fixes, no ads or in-app purchases.

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If you want to improve your intelligence in an interesting way, then you should take a look at mobile games, especially because it is currently available for free. If you protect the game immediately, you can download it for free at any time even if you spend money again.

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