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Instead of 9.99 Euros: This drawing app for iPhone and iPad is available today for free




Great app for creative people

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Are you looking for a drawing application for iPhone or iPad? Then look at the App Store. Here, you can temporarily get "Sketch Tree Pro-My Art Board" for free. You can find below whether it is worth downloading an app that would otherwise cost 9.99 euros.

Sketch Tree Pro-My Art Pad is free today.

Sketch Tree Pro-My Art Pad is free today. [Source: Chen Guangxie]

Currently, many developers can provide their paid apps and mobile games for free in the app store. If it is fast, you can save a lot of money, because these applications are usually only available for a short period of time. The drawing application "Sketch Tree Pro-My Art Pad" is currently available for free download, usually you need to pay 9.99 euros to get a wide range of applications.

"Sketch Tree Pro-My Art Pad" provides you with all the important tools you need for creativity. Choose from over 80 brushes, erasers, lubrication tools, filling tools, and more. With the help of the ruler, you can always get objects or objects of the correct size, thanks to the magnification of 64 times, which can make the pixels work perfectly.

inside Free instead of 9.99 euro

In addition, "Sketch Tree Pro-My Art Board" provides everything you need to create artwork, layers, unlimited undo and redo, transparency settings, and more. The application is clear at a glance:

  • More than 80 exquisite brushes, groundbreaking watercolor pens
  • Smudge, ruler, roller, filling, cutting tools
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Extension layer system
  • Sketch, ink painting and other image processing graffiti, ink painting and other image processing
  • 64 times magnification, high precision raster display

Is it worth downloading?

Sketch Tree Pro-My Art Pad is a versatile drawing application with many tools and options. The application requires no advertisements or any form of in-app purchases, and is currently available to you completely free of charge. The only drawback: the software has not yet adapted to new devices, so it is not displayed in full screen, such as on the iPad Pro [2018].

IOS apps currently available for free "class =" lazy "class =" lazy "class =" lazy Watch now

If you can ignore this, then you will get an excellent drawing application with many options. I don't know how long I will provide "Sketch Tree Pro-My Art Pad" for free. Therefore, if you are interested in the application, please do not wait too long to download it. If you now protect the software for free, you can always download it for free even if the software is provided for a fee.

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