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Instead of € 3.09: this Android puzzle game is available today for free



Find the lost pirate ship

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The Google Play store currently offers a point-and-click puzzle game "Treasure Hunter" for free. We will tell you if it is worth downloading a mobile game that is otherwise € 3.09.

Currently, "Find the Lost Ship" is available for free on the App Store. [Source: Grammar]

Developers in the Google Play store have always provided their games and applications that should be paid for free, but most of the time is only brief. You can currently get the mobile game "Find the Lost Ship" for free. This is a point-and-click puzzle game in which you have to solve difficult tasks. The app regularly charges 3.09 euros.

In Free instead of 3.09 Euro

In the game, you are looking for a pirate ship washed away on an island hundreds of years ago. You will find the old road and confusion left by the killed crew. In the new version of the game, developers have expanded mobile games. Now the game time is twice that of the previous one, and various new brain teasers and map scenes are provided.

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When you play "Looking for the Lost Ship" in high-definition, the game also provides your own soundtrack and sound effects. If you encounter difficulties, the integrated notification system will help you. "Look for the lost ship" at a glance:

  • Make your own soundtrack and sound effects.
  • Integrated notification system [if you encounter problems].
  • Dynamic map showing the places you have visited and the current location.
  • The camera takes pictures of the clues and symbols you find.
  • Dozens of puzzles, clues and objects.

Is it worth downloading?

If you like solving puzzles, you should definitely look at "Looking for the Lost Ship", especially because it is currently available for free. It has been downloaded more than 100,000 times from the Play Store, and an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars have 12,000 comments.

The time to provide the mobile game for free is unknown, so if you are interested, do n’t wait too long to download it. If you immediately protect your mobile game, you can download it for free at any time-even if it is available for a fee again.

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