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Iron Man VR: After Corona Postponement: Release Date Has Been Set!




Marvel's Iron Man VR only had to be postponed a few weeks ago due to the corona crisis. Now there is a new date for the superhero game.

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The corona crisis affects the development of large and small games alike. For security reasons, the PlayStation 4-exclusive Iron Man VR also had to be postponed indefinitely for this reason. Now Sony Interactive Entertainment has set a new date for the VR superhero game. Instead of tomorrow, May 15, you can wear the PlayStation VR headset from July 3, 2020 to fly through the air and save the world.

That means Sony will most likely finally release new information over the next week and a half, and may even release a demo version.

Marvel's Iron Man VR – NYCC 2019 Story Trailer

From February 28, 2020 you will be able to go into virtual reality with Iron Man.


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