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Iron Man VR loves its new release date more than 3X1000




Scheduled initially for February, then this Friday, May 15, before it is finally decided to postpone it to a certain date, the virtual reality experience that will transform you into Tony Stark will finally be available this summer.

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PlayStation is coming to reveal it, Marvel's Iron Man VR will be available on PlayStation VR on July 3

. Yes that's all. Because there is nothing else to add. If not the pitch you may have forgotten about time.

Tony Stark has ceased operations as a weapons manufacturer. instead, he creates technologies that allow his alter ego, Iron Man, to fight against evil.

Tony has been a world famous superhero for several years when he is suddenly targeted by the Phantom, a mysterious pirate and anti-multinational activist who uses old weapons from the Stark Industries.

Attempting to collapse the billionaire's empire, Le Fantme is attacking various Stark businesses around the world, and the stakes are rising as the hour of final confrontation approaches.

We hope that since the (ms) adventures of Romain on the game at TGS 2019, he has been refined by his. Otherwise, I know one who will be very sad.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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