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Jak and Daxter Remake is in development for PlayStation 5




If we talk about remastering or redoing old games on current consoles, we definitely have to think about Bluepoint Games, one of the best studios in the industry in this field. He demonstrated it with Shadow of The Colossus Remake, and may do so again with another PS2-era game: Jack and Daxter. Although it is only a rumor, the studio could be working on the remake of the Naughty Dog trilogy, and if it bears the signature of the study are good signs.

Bluepoint Games may be developing a remastered or remake of the Jack n Daxter trilogy.

This rumor originates from 4chan, so it should not be taken as 100% official. Even so, the forum has had some real video game leaks, so always there is a possibility that the filter is right. In any case, Bluepoint Games would be working on a project called Jak and Daxter Re-Trilogy, which would be released for the PS5, and would be remastered versions or remakes of the original games.

The leak suggests that this title will be announced at the Summer Game Fest, and would happen during the reveal of the games for the PS5, which are expected sometime next month. However, the coronavirus could twist these plans, so for now it is not safe to mark any date.


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