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Japan's Animal Crossing sales are highest for a game since 2014




We recently told you that Animal Crossing: New Horizons had achieved exceed 4 million units in physical format in Japan as a result of the information on the weekly sales of that market. The result is more than positive, obviously, but to put it in perspective, an analysis of game sales in that market reflects that No title had reached such sales volume since 2014.

Thus, right now the game for Nintendo Switch has ahead of Pokmon X / Y, the successful installment of Nintendo 3DS which launched in October 2013 and which reached 4 million units sold in 2014.

What stands out in this case, of course, is that the milest one is reached in just two months from its launch – the worldwide debut game on March 20. Also, It must be taken into account that Nintendo estimates that 50% of the total sales of the game are produced in digital download format.

, reason why the real number of sales is greater and in a much higher percentage than that registered by the titles of the laptop.

Remember that the game has already sold a total of more than 13 million units worldwide, which is why it has already exceeded the total forecasts that Nintendo had for the entire commercial life of the game.

50% of sales in the main markets have been in digital format

"Everything has happened much faster than we had anticipated", said then Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo, who explained that in the main markets the game has been sold halfway between the traditional physical format and digital download.

"In Japan, USA and Europe around 50% of current users have purchased the game via digital download"The executive said," Yes, he has not elaborated whether this sales distribution corresponds to what they expected to happen or perhaps it has been resolved from the quarantines and social distancing measures that have been imposed to prevent the spread of the disease. Covid-19, causing the current world health crisis.


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