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Jason Schreier claims that PS5 outperforms XSX in several ways




They cancel one of the features of PS5 due to supply problems

We already know the full features of the PlayStation 5 and also the Xbox Series X specs, a situation that has given rise to hundreds of debates about the power and performance of both consoles. Debates that, according to the editor of Kotaku, could make no sense whatsoever, especially due to the fixation on comparing the TFLOPS figure of both platforms. Apparently, for developers both machines are really surprising, especially Sony's.

Jason Schreier, a more than reputable source in the industry, recently commented in a podcast maybe the numbers don't say as much about the reality of both platforms. “Everybody is looking at that spec chart now and they're focusing on the 10.2 TFLOPS on PS5 and the 12 TFLOPS on Xbox Series X. And it's like, ‘Oh my gosh, Xbox is more powerful than PlayStation’«, the one from Kotaku points out, although later he assures that the perspective of the devs is quite different: "The people I have spoken to these past few months and the past two years, who have worked on the PlayStation console, have said almost unanimously that this thing is a beast


Xbox vs. PlayStation

Schreier expands the statements of its sources alleging that «there are many things that are revolutionary in this hardware, tools that are not shown to the public and functions, APIs and all kinds of material that goes far beyond what I can understand ». He claims that all of this is what is making developers so excited about what's to come from Sony. In fact, Claims that there are aspects in which PS5 is superior to XSX, as is the case with the speed of your hard drive, although it is not something that can be applied to all next-gen games.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are "extremely powerful"

Asking devs who have worked with both machines, the editor of Kotaku dares to assure that "The general consensus is that both are extremely powerful

and very similar in many things, as they also do different things in extraordinary ways ». He believes that the new generation of consoles led by PS5 and Xbox Series X brings with it two really impressive machines, but that it is precisely Sony's marketing and strategy that has faltered and has made the consensus among the public that Xbox exceeds powers PlayStation in the new generation.

Although the former Xbox marketing man recently claimed that the strategy with PS5 is being really good, Schreier points out the opposite, in fact, he says that current movements can "Be a lethal blow to Sony in this generation", since things like a lower price could be what really makes your console take off from the end of 2020. Be that as it may, both Microsoft and Sony are finalizing details to make the final presentations to their public, and it will be there where they have to give everything to mark the beginning of the next-gen. Of course, both firms they have our full attention with their consoles.


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