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Jessie and James finally land on mobile gaming



The favorite antagonists of the Pokmon license can be fought, just like the other antagonists who take PokStops hostage.

A new temporary event introduced the Team Rocket duo to Pokmon GO today. Concretely, the two characters can be challenged by the player when the Montgolfire Miaouss appears. The famous talking Pokmon will therefore not be present, but a wink is still reserved for him.

Here is the list of special items added with the Team Rocket event:

  • Hot air balloon Meow with Jessie and James may appear
  • One-off study available
  • Event Wild Pokmon
  • 5km eggs from the event
  • Event Raid Boss

The study of the event must be completed in just 5 days before disappearing from the game.

In addition, players can still have the astronomical bonuses intended to compensate for the movement restrictions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, i.e. the duration of double Incense, 2 times more Gifts placed in inventory, double closion … these bonuses will still be available for 22 days.

I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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