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John Romero includes his great-grandmother in the Empire of Sin game for Mother's Day




John Romero, co-founder of id Software and creator of Doom, has wanted to celebrate Mother's Day in the United States in a very special way: including his great-grandmother, Elvira Duarte, as a character in Empire of Sin. It is a title of turn-based strategy and management, which immerses us in the city of Chicago in the 1920s. Thanks to a recent trailer we have known the story of Elvira and have been able to see it in action, while sowing chaos in his own way on this stage.

Elvira Duarte arrives at Empire of Sin

In the video game Empire of Sin Players will have the opportunity to meet Elvira Duarte: This character was in charge of three brothels in Nogales (Mexico) for several decades. until, finally, he won the lottery, sold all his businesses and retired, explains John Romero. In the game, users will be able to use their Devil's Breath ability: Elvira expelling purple smoke on the faces of his enemies to take control of them

, and have them knock down their own buddies for three turns. After these three turns, the character that has been possessed dies.

"My great-grandmother's name was Elvira Duarte Morales, and she lived in Nogales, Mexico", explains Romero himself in the video that we have left you on these lines." Elvira was, in herself, quite a character. Sola walks around with a parrot on her shoulder and smoked cigarettes, told jokes with the parrot answering him in Spanish

. It was pretty fun. "

Elvira Duarte ran three brothels until the lottery won

Empire of SinFor its part, it is scheduled to debut this fall on both PC and PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, after having suffered a delay. "We appreciate your support received so far, and we trust that you understand that the choice of quality over speed is important"said Brenda Romero, director of the game, on her social networks.


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