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John Romero's great-grandmother-a real crime gangster in the 1920s-is a playable character in the sin empire




Emily Gera
Sunday, May 10, 2020, GMT

Brenda Romero's upcoming turn-based strategy game "Empire of Sin" has a particularly unique playable character: John Romero has a great grandmother in a brothel.

In the new video of the strategy game of Prohibition Age, Romero introduces the inspiration of 70-year-old crime boss character Elvira Duarte, a real Mexican crime boss born in the 1800s.

"My great grandmother's name is Elvira Duarte Morales, and she lives in Nogales, Mexico," said John Romero in the Mother's Day trailer. "Elvira is a real character. She used to walk around with green parrots on her shoulders, smoking cigarettes, basically telling jokes in parrots, and answering her all in Spanish. Elvira. (Elvira) opened three brothels in Nogales. She has been doing this for about two decades, until she won the lottery, she sold the business, and then retired. "

"I came up with the idea of ​​using Elvira in the game," Brenda Romero added. "I absolutely love her more than the characters in life. Elvira is a badass, a powerful woman, and I want to bring that powerful woman of the bad ass to the Empire of Sin. She was also in the 1920s , So this is a real woman, she is shooting a real racket, I really want to bring her to reality in this game, pay tribute to her, and pay tribute to her work. "

"Evil Empire" was recently postponed until the fall of 2020. The game will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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