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John Romero's great-grandmother herself will distribute shots as a playable character in Empire of Sin




Yesterday was Mother's Day in the United States (they celebrate it a week later than in Spain), and Romero Games wanted to commemorate the occasion by announcing a new character for their next game, Empire of Sin. Of course, this is not just any gangster, but of the authentic great-grandmother of John Romeroco-creator of DOOM and now also from this title.

His name is Elvira Duarte, and at the beginning of the 20th century He ran three brothels in Nogales, Mexico., where he was an eminence. He did so for two decades until he won the lottery, sold the businesses, and retired. John Romero says that he always went through the streets of Nogales with a parrot on his shoulder that answered the jokes she told.

His appearance in Empire of Sin It is based on Socorro Duarte Romero, Elvira's daughter and John's grandmother. Brenda Romero, game director, explains that she wanted to introduce her to the game because it has always seemed an imposing woman in the underworld.

Elvira was a powerful and imposing woman, and that's why I wanted to introduce her to Empire of Sin. Also, she was already doing her thing in the 1920s, so this is a real woman who had real shenanigans, and I wanted to bring her to life with this game and honor her.

Empire of Sin is a turn-based strategy title set in the American Dry Law mob era (1920s). In it, we will be able to control Elvira with a machine gun in our hands while she loads all the shrimp, among other things. We do not know if at any time in his life he did that, but in the game it is cool. Furthermore, his special ability allows him temporarily take control of an enemy unit.

The game plans to exit in the fall of this year for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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