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Kaspersky Password Manager: The password manager for antivirus experts




Password storage under test

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Password manager dime. Despite this, the anti-virus company Kaspersky also provides a cloud-based manager for the famous browser. It is very good and cheap.

Kaspersky Password Manager

Test conclusion: comprehensive situation

So: does the world need another password manager? If you look at Kaspersky, you will get a clear answer: yes! Since Kaspersky Password Manager can do all the work, a good password manager with cloud synchronization must do: zero knowledge, strong synchronization through the cloud, and strong encryption with the best integration with the operating system. Kaspersky is also convincing in terms of price: at an annual price of 13.95 euros (1.15 euros / month), customers can get unlimited passwords and storage space for important files. You can also call the password safe at any time on the Kaspersky website, which is also very good. Overall, the offer can be persuaded continuously. The only real criticism is the lack of security when assigning the master password: here, we urgently recommend the program to help.

We like that

  • Zero knowledge
  • Synchronization
  • Cost-effective

We don't like

  • Lack of security issues when assigning master password
  • No Linux client
  • No two-factor authentication

Compare Password Manager

In a detailed comparison test, we introduce you to the most popular password managers. There, we showed you what you should pay attention to when using the password manager, and we currently rate it the highest.

»Comparing detailed password managers

Is a password manager still needed in the world? The traditional antivirus expert Kaspersky seems to think this way: the cloud-based Kaspersky Password Manager can be seamlessly integrated into existing Kaspersky accounts, but no other Kaspersky products are required. The administrator creates a secure password safe using the master password here, which is not only encrypted with AES-256, but Kaspersky cannot view its contents: the antivirus expert clearly informed that the master password is caused by the zero-knowledge strategy Must not be lost.

These are good prerequisites for a good password manager-in fact, Kaspersky Tools shows its best performance in practice. Obviously, the Russians paid close attention to the market-and produced spawning wool sows that met these requirements.

Easy installation and extensive system support

Start by installing the tool: interested users can download the Windows password manager directly from the Kaspersky website. Versions for iOS and Android and MacOS can be found in the corresponding app store. There is no client for Linuxe, but the web version is also available for unsupported operating systems. The application itself can be installed in just a few steps: installing the software, creating or logging in a user account, setting a master password, and installing a browser plug-in, Kaspersky ’s password manager is ready to use.

Kaspersky Password Manager can be used as an extension for many browsers.

Kaspersky Password Manager can be used as an extension for many browsers.

Practical: Kaspersky really supports many browsers. In addition to the old and Chromium versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and Edge, it also supports the Russian Yandex browser. For Internet users, it also supports Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Firefox plugin also allows Linux users to use the program, which makes Kaspersky Password Manager very versatile overall.

Something with a master password

For many password managers, the appeal is not satisfactory. It is regrettable that the tool itself does not provide any help or security check when selecting the master password during the setup process. Even Kaspersky has its own password generator and password security features.

Without the master password, you will no longer be able to access the saved password. "Class =" lazy

Without the master password, you will no longer be able to access the saved password.

No: If you set a master password, you can use the lazy "123456" to get rid of it as needed. This freedom of choice can respect the user's personal decision; but this is not yet certain. At least one password security query should be stored at this time, and the user should be notified of the insecure master password. However, this issue affects many password managers.

Safely store important items without restrictions

Kaspersky has many advantages in this regard: In addition to being able to store passwords and synchronize passwords between devices via the cloud, the tool also provides secure storage for application passwords and bank cards, addresses and documents (such as passports or ID cards) . The document search function with integrated image recognition is particularly interesting: Kaspersky can search for content worth protecting in the form of scanned or photographed documents in the hard drive. All you have to do is specify the folder to search on your hard drive.

You can also save important documents in Kaspersky Password Manager, such as a copy of the ID. "Class =" lazy

You can also save important files in Kaspersky Password Manager, such as a copy of the ID.

Although Kaspersky Password Manager is cloud-based, according to the manufacturer, the search is only performed locally. Even if there are many false positive results (for example, a book with photos or a screenshot of a website), the hit rate is high. However, this is not a bad thing: important documents, images and PDFs are thus highly reliable and can be safely transferred to documents with one click.

In this case, Kaspersky Premium does not have storage limitations and is also good. In this case, the free version is more like a "trial version": there are no functional restrictions, but only 15 entries can be entered.

Bravely active in the background

The advantage of Kaspersky Password Manager is that it can be kept well in the background. However, on MacOS, Windows and all browsers, when you click the password manager icon, it is always at hand. Unless otherwise specified in the settings, the master password must be entered once when the computer starts and stays on after logging in: if necessary, you can also set up Kaspersky Manager to be automatically locked after a period of inactivity or when the screen saver starts .

Kaspersky Password Manager only reports when needed. "Class =" lazy

Kaspersky Password Manager only reports when needed.

In this regard, it is also good to set the Mac and Windows versions to the same. Blocking also affects browser plugins, which is also practical: if the safe is blocked in the program, then all browser extensions will also be blocked. Instead, you only need to enter the unlock password once. Since Kaspersky Password Manager also has a password generator, it can be used to quickly generate secure passwords. Factors such as uppercase and lowercase, numbers, and special characters can be set, but unfortunately, there are no options for passwords that are easy to remember.

Powerful import / export

It turns out that the import and export functions for saved passwords are very practical: switching from another tool to a children's game, provided that it can export passwords in CSV format. On the contrary, Kaspersky Password Manager is not a dead end: if users want to change the product, they can simply export all saved passwords from the CSV file and convert them to new products if necessary, as long as it has the appropriate functions . In addition, existing passwords can be imported directly from various browsers under Windows. Unfortunately, this is not possible under MacOS and mobile systems.

Kaspersky Password Manager

Information about tested products

We provide an advanced version. You can find more information on how we deal with test products, how to conduct tests, and general guidelines for editors in the Transparency Guide.
You can find more information on how we deal with test products, how to conduct tests, and general guidelines for editors in the Transparency Guide.

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    Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

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    Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Yandex, IE

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