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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is being made into a film



Kingdom Come: Deliverance is being made into a film

Kingdome Come: Deliverance from the Czech developer Warhorse Studios gets an adaptation as a film or TV series.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming to the cinema or TV. It is not yet clear whether the Warhorse Studios medieval role-playing game will be adapted as a film or series – how Variety reported.

What we know about the Kingdom Come film so far

It is already known who is responsible for the project: Erik Barmack is working with his relatively new studio Wild Sheep Content together with Warhorse CEO Martin Fryvaldsky on the live-action adaptation. As the former Vice President of Netflix, Barmack produced TV series such as Dark, The Rain and Marseille, among others.

Comparison with The Witcher: In an interview with Variety, Erik Barmack draws a comparison between Kingdom Come: Deliverance and The Witcher and describes how the two role-playing games are similar:

“It's particularly interesting how video games with a strong focus on their narratives – such as The Witcher and Kingdom Come: Deliverance – can be adapted in their own way, locally and globally at the same time.”

The Witcher by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski has already been adapted as a TV series by Netflix with Henry Cavill in the lead role of the witcher Geralt. The second season is currently in the starting blocks, while allegedly a third is already being worked on.

Lots of open questions

Currently no information about the release or cast: When the film adaptation of Kingdom Come: Deliverance will appear and which actors will appear in which roles, is currently not known. Likewise, there is currently no information about the development phase of the project. We will keep you posted on this.

What is Kingdom Come: Deliverance about? The story of the medieval game takes place in 1403 and revolves around Heinrich, the son of a blacksmith. In his role we become part of a resistance movement against the King of Hungary after Henry's parents are murdered in the course of the fighting and controversy for the throne of the Holy Roman Empire.

It remains to be seen whether the film adaptation of Kingdom Come: Deliverance will adapt the story of the video game template or go its own way. The close cooperation between Warhorse and Wild Sheep would at least suggest that the adaptation does not take too much freedom. However, one should note that the story of the role-playing game is already heavily influenced by the decisions of the respective player.

You can read our original review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance here. However, we checked the role play again a few weeks after its release, after various patches had addressed the biggest technical problems:

By the way, Kingdom Come was expanded by Warhorse Studios with various DLCs after its release: For example, Band of Bastards, From the Ashes or, most recently, A Woman's Lot.

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