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"Layman": Season 5's Second Wedding Could Fall Into the Water-Episode 6 Review




The battle between the two rings

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In Season 5 of Episode 5, we saw the scene between Claire and Jamie, a scene where readers have been waiting. A special guest from Jocasta was surprised. You can read about it in the "Wills" episode.

"Layman": Will Joe Casta really get married? [Source: Starz]

The Starz series "Outlander" shows season 5, episode 6, which is the day before Jocasta and Duncan Innes get married. River Run mistress was not particularly satisfied with this. Everyone will prefer Mutag to their side. Lord John Gray and Governor Tryon and his wife are already guests of the River Run. It turned out that Tryons was about to move to New York. Jamie knew nothing about it, as if he knew nothing about the governor's new decree to arrest everyone involved in the Hillsborough uprising.

While Jamie was talking to Tryon, Claire met Phillip Wylie and she had an unpleasant encounter in Season 4. He made progress, and Claire resolutely refused at first. But Wylie said he had contacted Stephen Bonnet. Claire went with him to the barn to get more information from him. Willy found them there. Jamie arrived on time and threw him on the wall.

You trade. They play poker cards about Wylie's fate. If Wylie wins, no one will know about the incident. If Wylie loses, he must let Jamie ride. Wylie doesn't care about his honor, he wants to see gold. So Jamie asked for Claire's gold wedding ring. There was an argument, and Claire threw two wedding rings at him. Later Jamie was very drunk and returned to Claire with two wedding rings. He won you to have sex to reconcile yourself.

At the same time, River Run attracted surprising guests. Murtagh came to hold Jocasta's hand. He told her he loved her. But Jocasta knew that regulating war was more important to him than anything else. She married a man who was fighting for something. So she lost her child. She did not want to encounter this situation again. Mutag reiterated that he loved her and moved on. Jocasta was crying.

There are other problems on Fraser Ridge. Roger and Bryant are not at the wedding because Jamie is ill. But the plague of locusts poses a threat to settlers' lands. You want to burn the fields to prevent the spread of the plague. But Roger was worried that the house would catch fire. He worked with Brianna to develop a plan to repel insects in the smoke. effective!

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