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Learn how to draw Totoro with a producer from Studio Ghibli



If you like to draw and anime is one of your passionsMaybe you should start by taking some classes from a Pokemon professional or studying a little more how to draw Luffy completely to get a grip on bodies, heads and proportions of the human body. Although if you prefer, you can also try to replicate the shape of Totoro from the hand of one of the producers of Studio Ghibli.

How? Well watching the video under these lines that Aichi Prefecture has prepared on the occasion of its Smile Project Channel

, a project designed to make children and not so children entertain themselves while the situation of confinement and de-escalation due to the coronavirus lasts. Surely you do not have too much idea and Japanese, but you do not need much, the video is quite visual and you can see step by step what Toshio Suzuki, one of the producers of Studio Ghibli and possessor of great talent

The result of using the calligraphy pen is simple, although masterful, since Lets you learn a very simple way to replicate Totoro and that is to be praised. Are you going to try it at home?

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